The “Regular” Girl… Who dreams of achieving that ‘Figure Competitor’ Body

With some dedication, eduction and patience, you too can work toward a tighter body. Shaping and sculpting does not mean you have to train for hours upon hours per day with heavy massive weights and eat things you do not enjoy.


Simple and consistent patterns can help you prepare for summer with the healthiest, hottest and fittest body you have ever had. Small pushes and continual efforts in lifestyle changes are the key to success.



Begin by drinking more water in your day and see if you can get to a few liters per day. You will feel the changes immediately. Water helps to ease and alleviate many health issues but as a fat loss aid it’s amazing. You hear of extreme dehydration for competition but not everyone does this. Those of us who know what we are doing can diet down for a competition without going days waterless! Super hydration early in the week prior to contest is one the common secrets among competitors who lean down healthily. I still have water right up to the day before contest. Now because you are not competing and simply looking to tighten up you should have no less than 2 liter water per day unless you have a health issue affected by water intake.


Hunger and Portions

Having a nice physique means you should never be hungry. Another key thing with keeping a tight body means you need to get the machine primed in how it works so you fuel it with the right stuff and keep it fueled, do the work to properly expend this fuel and the result is a toned figure.

Do not be afraid to eat many times per day, meaning you have 3 main meals and 1-4 snacks which are like your little fuel cells which keep you primed. You have to keep up the pattern for things to keep flowing so having protein in each meal is a great idea but do eat carbs please. Carbs can be cruciferous veggies, legumes, some dairy products like yogurt, starchy veggies like squash and yams and ancient grains. These are all whole foods. The less you mess with the food the better. On the weekend, you have what you like, enjoy life but don’t overdo then during the week go back to clean. This will help you balance so you do not feel deprived. You can get through a busy 5 days of clean eating if you prep well and then can look forward to the weekend for a treat or 2.

Learn to transform cravings into foods you can eat guiltless. Fruit is great for sugar cravings, nuts and nut butter on rice cakes or celery is for those who crave crunch. Salt cravers can do some bbq rice cakes but get a single size pack so you don’t over eat portions. Kashi bars are also great for sweet/salty and crunch all in one shot. Just don’t live off these foods, they are a snack or craving buster.

Chopped fennel with balsamic vinegar is a snack. Veggies dipped in hummus or tzatziki is a snack. It takes time to slowly accumulate this habit and learn to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t from all the many suggestions out there but if you at least try then those efforts will show even if you are working out the kinks.

Workouts and Cardio

There are those girls who just do cardio, and there are some whose body type needs this but for the most part a healthy workout program consists of balancing various types of training styles and equipment.

Straight aerobics is great but mix it up and shock the body so you can keep losing fat and gaining muscle. Vary things slightly weekly then monthly change it all up. Take week 4 of each month for active rest where you do things you would not normally do which is activity based.

Try anaerobic training like plyometrics, crossfit and sport specific drills. Wind sprints can help anybody tighten up fast. Use what works for your time, body type, fitness, and body condition plus injury prevention.

Play with new types of training ideas and exercises, this shocks the body so you give it a few weeks to start to adapt and then just when it is almost go it YOU CHANGE THINGS UP. This forces results in a natural and permanent way.

Train 4-6 days per week regularly and the changes will come but be patient and consistent. If its not working try something new but keep trying.

Stay tuned for my April series covering video clips of an exercise per day to help you achieve that figure or bikini body. follow me on twitter, facebook, youtube and linked in.




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6 thoughts on “The “Regular” Girl… Who dreams of achieving that ‘Figure Competitor’ Body

  • April 1, 2011 at 5:26 am

    I drink 8 glasses of water everyday and sometimes, more than that because I work in the evening. It really feels good and I don’t easily get sick.

  • March 29, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    This is really great advice, and some of it I don’t hear very often, like “snack often!” Usually you hear about doing *nothing* but grazing all day to speed up the metabolism, but that has never worked.

    The problem is that men and women’s bodies really do work differently in how they treat calories and burn fat. What the most popular advice says to do isn’t always what works for my body, but most of those magazines, etc., are geared more for men.

    Thanks for this!


  • March 29, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    Is this applicable only for girls and not for boys? I think boys also want good figure and the same should be applicable for boys too.

    • March 30, 2011 at 9:44 am

      Absolutely, I wrote this to get the ladies attention yes but this advice spans across many purposes and can help most people toward their goals regardless of sex.


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