10 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

In a perfect world, with age your hair will turn grey and then white. As you keep aging you will see hair fall and perhaps in your eighties or nineties you will lose most of your hair, you will find bald patches and most of your hair will turn white. Aging is fine, most people accept their hair fall in their old age and that is fine.

Unfortunately for us, we do not live in a perfect world; we live in a polluted world with chemicals all around us. Aging, hair fall, bald patches etc. are no longer the problems of old age, they are now part of our youth and that is certainly not acceptable.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the various home based methods that we can apply to prevent, stop and slow down hair loss.

1) Massage of the scalp – The skin of our head remains at peace. With a little bit of slow massage of the scalp the blood flow improves. This helps in preventing hair fall and the roots of the hair becomes stronger. This can be done with coconut oil as well. Just take a bit of coconut oil and massage it gently on your head. Do this three to four times a week.

2) Lemon juice – Lemon juice is very good for the scalp. Simply squeeze one half cut lemon and put that juice on your head. Massage your head a bit so that the entire juice is spread evenly on your head. Keep it for a minute and then wash it away with water. This is a natural dandruff fighter and helps in preventing hair fall.

3) Use Henna – Henna leaves are excellent for hair. Boil it in mustard oil and then let it cool down. Mix a few drops of it in coconut oil and use it.

4) Use Neem – Take some Neem leaves and grind them well. Once you have the paste ready, put it on your head and take a bath. Use it as a shampoo and wash your hair with it. This same idea can be used with coriander leaves as well.

5) Use Amla oil – You can get amla oil in the market but the question is always about the quality. However, it can be prepared in your home. Take some amla and cut small pieces of it. Then put them out in the sun to dry up. Once the pieces of amla are completely dried up, which can take several days of good sun light, they will be ready. Boil coconut oil and put the dried pieces of amla in it. Cool it well. This is good for boosting hair growth.

6) Exercise – Blood circulation is important for hair growth, so some aerobic exercises can help in preventing hair fall and improving hair growth.

7) Lettuce and spinach juice – Grind lettuce and spinach and make some juice out of them. This is particularly good for increasing hair growth, so make sure to apply them well.

8) Use Onions – This works if you are getting bald patches. Take some onion and start rubbing it on the patches where you find hair loss. Do this twice a day.

9) Do the basics – even if you are not willing to do the home remedies, at least do the basics – wash your hair and keep it clean, dry it naturally and not with hair dryers, stop using chemicals for hair coloring etc. Make sure to cut your hair regularly so that the ends are in good shape.

10) Diet – Our diet affects our hair. Make sure to take a balanced diet that includes – oranges, kiwi, almonds, cereals, papaya, asparagus, bananas, oatmeal, carrots etc.

Hair loss is caused due to many factors, even stress or hereditary can be a reason to it. Good for us that we have Revivogen hair loss products and home remedies to supplement with it.

Uttoran Sen

Uttoran Sen is a health blogger since 2004 whose only target in life is to stay healthy and fit. Catch him on his health blog: healthcave.com.

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  • October 24, 2012 at 12:52 am

    I was suffering from hair loss, then I made a very old traditional subcontinental recipe. Take in equal measure Amla, reetha, shika kai, bal jhad, seed of mustard, almond peel and sarson peel. Crush together and keep in airtight bottle. Take a handful soak overnight and after oiling hair put from tip to root. Leave for half an hour and wash and condition. Voila new hair growth within 2


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