10 Household Cleaning Chores That Get You Exercise

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Instead of going to the gym to burn some calories, accomplish two goals at once by doing household chores that will help keep you in shape. Here are 10 household tasks that help you stay in shape while you keep your house ship-shape. The calories burned per hour for the chores below are estimates. The exact number of calories you will burn will depend on your size and overall fitness level. However, you will certainly get quite the workout and end up with a very clean home.

(1.) Washing the Windows [200 calories per hour]

There is a reason many cleaning services refuse to clean windows. Cleaning windows is a lot of work. When you thoroughly clean your home’s windows, you will exercise your arms and back. Cleaning windows burns almost 200 calories per hour. Plus, when you are done the sun will shine brightly into your home, making your house seem brighter and more cheerful.

(2.) Vacuuming the Floors [165 calories per hour]

Vacuuming is another tough job that burns plenty of calories. You can burn around 165 calories per hour vacuuming your floors. Vacuuming can give you a good cardio workout while toning your arms.

(3.) Scrubbing the Floors [350 calories per hour]

If you have tile or wood floors, you can still get exercise cleaning them. In just an hour, you can burn over 350 calories if you really put your back into the job. If you have knee problems, consider buying a pair of gardening or volleyball kneepads. These will take some of the pressure off your knees while letting you scrub the floor and burn those calories.

(4.) Folding Laundry [120 calories]

Even easy tasks like folding laundry can help you stay in shape. If you fold your laundry while standing up, you will burn more calories than if you folded your family’s clothes while sitting down. In just 20 minutes of folding, you can burn almost forty calories.

(5.) Dusting [160 calories per hour]

Dusting does not just rid your home of dirt. It can help you lose weight as well. Dusting burns over 160 calories per hour, and helps keep your house ready for company. You can even sneak some stretching in if you dust hard to reach places.

(6.) Washing the Dog [200 calories per hour]

Keeping Fido clean can help keep you fit and trim. If it takes you an hour to give your dog a bath, you will burn over 200 calories. Of course, you could also burn calories washing the cat, but you might end up with a few scratches for your efforts.

(7.) Baking [263 calories per hour]

If you bake bread or other baked goods for your family, you can burn around 263 calories per hour. However, if you eat any of the treats you make, you might need to do some extra chores to offset the caloric damage.

(8.) Making the Bed and Changing the Sheets [15 calories]

Every time you make the bed, you can burn about 15 calories. That can really add up. If you make the bed every single day, you can burn over 5,000 calories a year. Changing your sheets once a week can also burn a lot of calories, around 40 calories each time you change the linens on a bed. If you change the sheets each week, that adds up to 2,000 calories a year. Those figures are for one bed only. If you have a bigger family, you are burning ever more calories.

(9.) Emptying the Trash [165 calories per hour]

Spouses often fight over who will take the trash out to the curb each week. Once you find out that carrying out the trash burns almost 165 calories per hour, you might just start to fight to make sure you get the chance to get that little bit of extra exercise into your day.

(10.) Cleaning the Bathroom [250 calories per hour]

Although cleaning the bathroom is often a person’s least favourite household chore, it can burn a lot of calories. If it takes you an hour to completely scrub the bathroom, you will have burned over 250 calories.

While few people look forward to household chores, doing them regularly can help you stay in shape. Keeping your house clean can help keep you fit as household chores cause you to burn quite a few calories. Not only will your house look neat and tidy, but your figure will look neat and trim. If you hate going to the gym, stay home and do some chores instead. You will see the results of your hard work in your home immediately and before long, you will start to see results when you step on the scale as well.


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