10 Reasons Why Addicts Fear Rehab

Are you tired of struggling with an addiction, but are afraid of detox and rehab? The best way to overcome this fear is to learn more about the programs available in various substance abuse treatment centers. This knowledge will give you a sense of what to expect. You would also benefit from talking with recovered addicts to learn how rehab worked for them. Additionally, there are thousands of success stories written by recovered addicts that provide valuable information and encouragement that will eliminate some of your fears.

[box type=”note”]You possibly can’t describe exactly what it is you are afraid of regarding a substance abuse treatment program, but social stigma and horror stories have most likely contributed to the fear. Hopefully, once you realize that you are not the only one having these feelings, you will find the courage to seek treatment.[/box]

Examples of the 10 Most Common Fears of Rehab:

1. Fear of Losing Relationships

One of the most common fears of substance abuse programs surfaces when addicts realize they must be separated from their friends and families for an extended period of time, and they don’t want to spend time among strangers in unfamiliar surroundings. They fail to realize that if they don’t get into treatment, the continued addiction will eventually result in lost relationships anyway.

2. Fear of Withdrawal and Detoxification

Most addicts have experienced withdrawal symptoms at some time during the addiction, but they are able to stop the symptoms by taking more of the substance involved. They know how tough these symptoms can be, so the thought of going through them without getting their fix is almost unimaginable.

3. Fear of Judgment, Stigma, or Embarrassment

Many addicts have been successful in keeping the extent of their addiction hidden from loved ones or the community. Entering substance abuse treatment would reveal to the world that they are an addict, and this is something they don’t want to admit to anyone.

4. Fear of Losing Reputation or Standing in the Community

Not all addicts are homeless or poor. Some of the most influential or famous people in society today are addicted to one substance or another. These individuals stand to lose a great deal if their addiction is exposed. They avoid getting treatment in order to keep the addiction hidden, and mistakenly believe they are in control of the situation.

5. Fear of Losing Self-Confidence

One aspect of drug addiction is the boost in self-confidence experienced by the addict. Most drugs give the user an enhanced sense of well-being, strength and energy. They fear rehab because they don’t want to give up this feeling of invincibility.

6. Fear of Gaining Weight

One of the side effects of most drugs is decreased appetite and weight loss. For many addicts, this is how their addiction began. They used drugs to lose weight and became addicted. They fear that discontinuing the drug will bring all that weight back.

7. Fear of Sharing Personal Feelings with Others

Most professional substance abuse treatment centers incorporate individual and group counseling as part of the overall program. In group sessions, addicts are encouraged to talk about their experience with addiction in an attempt to help them understand the root cause of the problem. Most addicts are ashamed of their behaviors and don’t want others to hear their story.

8. Fear of Facing Old Traumas

During treatment, counselors help addicts recognize and confront past experiences that might have contributed to their desire to use drugs. This is a difficult process for many addicts due to the intensity of these personal dilemmas. They don’t want to remember those painful times.

9. Fear of Being Bored

In most cases, substance abuse gives the individual a false sense of being the life of the party. When they consider rehab, their first thought might revolve around how they can possibly tolerate normal, everyday life without a buzz.

10. Fear of Failure

This is probably one of the greatest fears regarding rehab. Since some addicts actually enter rehab and then relapse immediately after release, it isn’t difficult to see that this is a valid fear. Along with the failure comes the fear that loved ones are disappointed and might give up on you.

[box type=”important”]If you are struggling with any of these fears of rehab, contact professional substance abuse treatment centers and learn more about what you can expect during rehab. The important thing to remember is that the consequences of your continued addiction should be even more frightening to you than anything you fear about rehab.[/box]

Author Bio:

Myra is a freelance writer who is currently creating unique content for drug rehabilitation websites. Her goal is to educate people about the dangers of drugs, both legal and illegal, and to encourage addicts to seek professional help for their addiction.  More information on substance abuse rehab centers can be found at: Stop Your Addiction.

Myra Lemmons

Myra Lemmons is a freelance writer who is currently creating content for drug rehabilitation websites. She strives to educate readers about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and hopes to encourage addicts to seek help from professional treatment centers.

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