10 Reasons You Should NOT Diet To Lose Weight

Some people should definitely use a diet plan to lose weight.  Are you one of them?  Don’t be so sure.

Even though experts seems to think losing weight and becoming more fit is the “best” way to live, it’s definitely not right for everyone, and I’m here to play devil’s advocate and tell you:

10 Reasons why dieting for weight loss may NOT be best for you!

[box]You should NOT diet to lose weight because you’ll:[/box]

 1) Stop LOVING Food

How many things in your life do you actually get to PASSIONATELY love?  Breaking up your love affair with food is devastatingly hard if not impossible.  You’re still gonna eat, and you’re gonna be faced with those foods you love over and over.  You better have a really good reason, like genuine health issues,  to train yourself to avoid or even to hate foods you currently love because there’s a very good chance you’ll end up with a horrible, unhealthy relationship with food.

2) Never savor the SUCCESS of being generally happy and healthy at your current weight

Are you in good general health?  Can you do all the things you love to do?  Do you enjoy your daily activities?  If you are, GREAT!  You are successful and should be VERY proud of and satisfied with who you are no matter what your weight and fitness level—most of us cannot make these claims!

3) Screw up your metabolism

Chasing fad diets that pursue weight loss as all costs (questionable supplements, crash starvation dieting, surgeries when not needed)  is a great way to harm your metabolism and hurt your general health, even if you lose weight.

4) Chase a standard of physical appearance that means NOTHING

Even if you could, what good would it do YOU to look like a bodybuilder, or a supermodel?  A few compliments?  Some new clothes?  Is that worth the burden of maintaining that look, because that takes a LIFETIME of work and sacrifice.  Plus, every time you gain a pound or two, you’ll feel like crap.  Sounds really tempting, but unless someone wants to pay me the big bucks to get “all ripped up”,  I’ll take the extra free time, a little paunch in my gut and my ice cream and donuts every day of the week!

5) Never be satisfied with your current weight and appearance

Many diets have helped people meet their weight loss goals, only to watch these people celebrate for about 5 minutes then CHANGE those original goals to lose even MORE weight.  It just seems the results are never good enough which leads to more frustration than it’s worth.

6) Become obsessed with your success

You started your diet at 150 pounds with a goal to lose 20 pounds.  You lose 10 pounds down to 140 and are really happy and excited.  A few more months of suffering and you make 130.  YEA!  Then the holidays come, you fall off the wagon and gain 10 pounds back.  Now you weigh 140 again, but this time you feel HORRIBLE.  You commit to even more pain to get back to 130 this time.  Personally, I like the happy and excited you at 140 pounds when lost your first 10 pounds a lot more than the psycho weight loss fanatic you have now become at the same 140 pounds – I’d tell you to celebrate the 10 pounds you lost!

7) Start judging others when you’re successful at weight loss

The weight loss and fitness industry’s representation that a thin, fit person who is neurotically obsessed with their weight and appearance, is somehow better than a HAPPY, generally healthy fat person is just plain BULLSHIT.  (Sorry for the language, but this point justifies it).   Gurus and their “successful” followers who constantly pass judgment on others that the only way to a better life is to look and be like them are people who should be avoided, not admired.

8) Gain it back and feel worse than before you started

Hey, don’t hate the messenger!  This is what the stats say happens to 9 out of 10 dieters.

9) Spend too much time feeling guilty, embarrassed and ashamed

Once people know you’re on a diet, you’ll feel embarrassed and self-conscious every time you choose food that you “shouldn’t be eating” .  Every time you break your diet, and most certainly when you abandon your dieting efforts, you’ll feel guilt and shame.  You’ll feel like a failure.    Before you started your diet, these same daily disasters I just described were called sitting down to a nice meal, and you enjoyed it!  Sure, you might not feel great about your reflection in the mirror, but you can avoid looking in the mirror.  Not such an easy task to avoid eating!

10) Feel miserable more time than you’ll feel happy

Outside of improved health, what other goal is more important than happiness?  If you’re already healthy and going to be miserable all day struggling to lose weight and keep it off in the hopes of future happiness, I say just relax and be happy now by avoiding the deprivation and restrictions of a diet.

So, before you start your next weight loss or fitness plan, please think about these 10 reasons for NOT dieting to losing weight.  These reasons were the basis for my development of the EET Fitness Plan which, ironically,  has led to more weight loss and fitness for me and others than I could have imagined.  Maybe EET’s not right for you, but if you can’t find a sustainable plan that you truly believe outweighs (haha) these reasons, then save your time and your money, and go ENJOY YOUR LIFE!  Because any weight loss you achieve is likely to do more harm than good.

Jon Pearlstone

Jon Pearlstone, aka Mr. EET, is an International Fitness Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer and the Founder of the Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) Fitness Plan. EET is a diet and exercise plan that focuses on improving your metabolism through proper Eating, Activity and Exercise TIMING to match your body's natural metabolic cycle. EET allows you to eat without food restrictions or calorie counting, and to exercise less than 30 minutes per session, while achieving significant weight loss and improved fitness. The goal of EET is to end yo-yo dieting and short term exercise success by focusing on helping you build a sustainable plan for your lifestyle. This creates PERMANENT weight loss and fitness for people rather than the short term hype of "hot" plans like P90x or The Insanity Workout. Any questions can be sent to [email protected]

20 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should NOT Diet To Lose Weight

  • August 7, 2013 at 11:44 am

    What a load of bollocks this article is. You assume that people who watch what they eat must all be miserable, always unhappy sods – how degrading to all of us sensible people who dont just stuff our faces with the first piece of junk food that comes our way. The most important thing is to be healthy, the second most important thing is to be happy and it is proven that a positive body image contributes greatly to happiness. You can tell a(n unhappily) fat person that they should just be happy the way they are – you can talk your heart out to them, it won’t change their inner unhappiness, while losing 10 pounds just might.

  • February 21, 2011 at 7:00 am

    No matter how good your supplements are or how effective your weight loss program is, if you don’t have discipline and consistency in promoting a healthier lifestyle – all your effort will come to waste. The secret in losing weight depends primarily on your mindset.

  • February 2, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    I don’t think the answer to any weight gain problem can be found in any supplements or herbs but this herbs and supplements can still be a good help. The key is a healthier lifestyle.If you already found the right weight loss supplements for your body, combine it with good diet and exercise to see a good result.

  • January 30, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    First of all, i’m so glad Justin Bieber agrees, ha. Secondly, thanks for consolidating the great truth about dieting. It is really a world without joy. I’m 25 now and have been to child nutritionists, Jenny Craig centers, weight watchers, so many personal trainers and the like. Body change and weight loss didn’t click for me until body acceptance clicked first. So many of your above statements are rooted in the fact that we need to get rid of judgment of self & others, positive or negative. Once I learned to just accept things without a value judgment, I think I was able to feel so much better in life, which resulted in change for the good. This proved true for all aspects of life, too, such as school, work, and my relationships. Thanks for this great post!

    • January 30, 2011 at 4:32 pm


      Thanks so much for your comment!

      Next to Justin taking the time to respond, your’s is my favorite comment on this article! :-)

      I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment — I don’t have the ability to run “double blind” studies for all the revelations that EET Fitness has helped me uncover about weight loss and fitness — I just know what I hear over and over again from the hundreds of dieters who I now work with, and your comment shows I am not operating in any sort of a bubble. — I knew that but maybe some skeptical readers can be a bit more open minded when people like you who have been there chime in!

      Thanks again and take care.

      EET Fitness

  • January 26, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Jon, I think you really nailed the psychological traps that people create for themselves in dieting for weight loss. People often don’t spend enough time appreciating how far they’ve come with fitness and wellness goals when everything is judged by the number on a scale.

    • January 26, 2011 at 11:09 am


      Thanks for the comment.

      This stuff seems common sense to me now, but a lot of it really hit home when I started consulting with people who have struggled to lose weight all their lives — SO MUCH RESTRICTION AND DEPRIVATION has led to nothing but feelings of failure, guilt and shame. And now, the research I noted above proves that conventional dieting is doing more harm than good.

      Great to know readers like you are out there!

      Thanks again.

      EET Fitness

  • January 25, 2011 at 11:52 am

    well, good points. i’m agains these diets that help you lose 1 pound per day, because they’re not healthy and you end up getting worse, aactually… maybe you lose a few pounds, but you’ll never make it, because this isn’t a life style.. it’s a quick solution, for short term and you can’t stick with it too long

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    • January 25, 2011 at 9:49 pm

      There is a right solution and permanent solution. If people concentration on daily routines and good followup of weight loss and diet programs that would be beneficial for fat reduction for ever.


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