10 Reasons Why You Should Consider LASIK surgery

Dr. Tyrie Jenkins, one of the top LASIK surgeons in the U.S. gives her top 10 reasons why LASIK will improve the quality of your life.

1. New confidence, new self-esteem, new you

2. Instant gratification. Most patients are legal to drive the day following LASIK surgery.

3. Better vision then before.   Studies show that many LASIK patients have better vision than they had with glasses and contacts.  Some patients report improved night vision.

4. Comfort. Contacts often cause allergic reactions, itchiness, red eyes, burning and other irritations. Glasses can even be worse causing painful headaches due to pressure or a slightly off prescription. With LASIK you will never have these problems again.

5. Freedom while traveling.  Now there will be more extra room in your bag because it is not filled with contact lens solutions.  And no more worrying about bringing along the back up set of contacts or glasses.

6. Visual freedom. Just imagine never having to think about your vision again…ever.  And think, you can buy a pair of sunglasses off the rack!

7. For the athletic folks, LASIK is a fantastic option especially if you are a water person.  No more worrying about loosing your contacts while surfing.   Or water spots getting on your glasses on the boat.  Many sports are difficult or impossible to play while wearing contacts or glasses.   Skiing without glasses!

8. No more fashion worries about what to wear with you glasses.  Throw that accessory away.

9. You can wake up in the morning and actually see the world clearly!   What a great thing to be able to wake up and see the alarm clock.  Go ahead a sleep another 10 minutes, because you don’t have to put your contact lenses in the morning.

10. LASIK pays for itself by not having to buy contact lenses or glasses anymore. Add up how much you have spent over the last few years buying new prescriptions you will see that LASIK surgery becomes more economical that the cumulative cost of contact lens were.  You will also save time not having to worry about maintaining your contact lenses and putting them in.

Dr. Tyrie Jenkins is a LASIK and PRK specialist based in Honolulu offering  a full range of ophthalmology services. For more information about LASIK, other procedures, and eye conditions, visit her website www.pathwaytovision.com.

Have you had surgery to correct your vision?  Thoughts?  For more thoughts, find out if Lasik surgery is worth the money?

One thought on “10 Reasons Why You Should Consider LASIK surgery

  • July 14, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Reasons not to have LASIK

    Keratoconus in left eye–never mind that it’s been stable since diagnosed in 1985–no one will touch it and the only options are transplant if it’s bad enough (it’s not) Intacs (done in 2006) and Collagen Cross-linking (still considered experimental even though all they’re doing is roughing up the surface of the cornea, soaking it in Vitamin K drops and exposing it to ultraviolet light).


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