10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Jillian Michaels Six Pack AbsMost of us spend a lot of time trying to lose weight. Wait, let’s try that again. Most of us spend a lot of time THINKING about how to lose weight. Whatever the case, most people are not losing weight.

So, in the hopes of seeing that change, here’s a list of 10 key reasons you are not losing weight, along with some ideas you can use to overcome these challenges. Before you think you’ve heard it all before, you should know you won’t find anything about cutting calories or increasing exercise on this list. That’s because for most dieters, fewer calories and more exercise is not the problem and it’s certainly not the solution. What else is there? Read on and find out!

10 Key Reasons You Are NOT Losing Weight

REASON 1 You need instant results.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?  Understand that losing 1 pound a week for 20 weeks is a far more successful and sustainable diet plan than losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks using diet plans that focus on restrictions and deprivation.

Take a second and imagine yourself 20 pounds lighter. If someone offers you your favorite food, can you eat it guilt free or will you deny yourself? Is that really a plan you can stay with? Are you prepared to face a life of suffering, struggling, sacrificing and starving to lose weight and keep it off? Most people simply cannot stay on deprivation based plans. The only worthwhile diet plans are ones that can produce long-term weight loss.

REASON 2 You demand perfection from your diet or consider it a failure.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?  Striving for perfection in weight loss is a guarantee you will fail. Remember, you are trying to lose weight permanently, and that’s a long time! The reality is, some weeks your weight goes down and other weeks it goes up. It’s okay to be disappointed when you gain weight, but it’s not okay to abandon your plan the first time you gain weight.

The key is to find a plan you like (a plan you love would be even better) that can produce steady results, and phase it in so it gradually becomes part of your lifestyle.

Stop demanding perfection and you’ll find you can achieve steady results over the long haul.

REASON 3 You don’t use a range to manage your weight.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?  A far more realistic approach to dieting than demanding perfection is to operate within a reasonable range. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs. and your goal is to lose 20 lbs., you could work within a range of 5 pounds. You can consider your plan highly successful as long as you stay within 5 pounds of your lowest weigh in. So, once you’ve made it down to 140 pounds, you only consider adjustments to your plan if your weight goes over 145.

When you reach 139 you work on staying under 144 and so on. Even if you go back above 145, there’s no need to panic if you like your plan enough to stick to it a little closer and start losing weight again.

Dieting within a range ends the impossible expectations that you must lose weight every week or meet one certain number on the scale to be successful. It’s also an excellent strategy for maintaining your weight once you’ve reach your goal.

REASON 4 You keep trying the same weight loss strategies over and over.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? If you’re not happy with your current weight loss and fitness level, put EVERYTHING on the table for close examination and elimination. Every food you eat, every bit of exercise you do should be evaluated for its effectiveness in reaching your weight loss goals. If an element of your weight loss plan is not producing results or you know you cannot sustain it, then you should eliminate it immediately and find an alternative that’s effective and sustainable.

This includes diet and exercise efforts that work for a short time but you find you cannot sustain them. What good is that for long-term weight loss? Most importantly, there’s little need to go back to a failed strategy in the future if you still have the same issues with it (deprivation, restrictions, etc.), so find something that better suits your lifestyle and get off the merry-go-round of attempting the same strategies over and over.

REASON 5 You accept the belief that you are an “emotional eater” as an unchangeable fact.

ADDITIONAL INFO -  Many people with weight loss issues find themselves turning to food in times of emotional stress, and somehow during these times, it seems only high calorie, high fat “comfort” foods will do. This “breaks” your diet, which in turn leads to more stress, which ultimately leads to weight gain, yo-yo dieting and a lot of frustration.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?  You’re not born with a need to eat whenever emotions are running high. This is a learned behavior. Therefore, ending your need for emotional eating can also be learned. Of course, changing long-term eating patterns is not easy, but it can be done.

Using a realistic, phased-in approach that gradually teaches you eating can be a conscious decision, and using the proper tools, with practice, you can decide what to eat and when you will eat it even under stress.

Of course no matter how good a strategy is, nothing works every time. This is why you should always remember you don’t need perfection to lose weight!

REASON 6 You think eating is bad and feel guilt, stress and shame when you eat foods you feel are “fattening.”

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT Stop thinking this–you are wrong. Eating is good. Metabolically, nutritionally, psychologically, eating is great. Many great things can be dangerous if not handled properly, but that doesn’t make them any less great. Electricity is great, right? Well, it can (and does) kill people. Does that make it bad? You simply need to learn how to handle it. Same with eating. Trust me, conventional dieting and deprivation is not how to handle it.

REASON 7 You think exercise is a necessary evil for weight loss.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?  Stop thinking this–you are wrong. Most exercise contributes to weight gain because it’s poorly timed or it “justifies” eating that far exceeds the calories burned. You can greatly improve your chances at weight loss by finding activities and exercises you enjoy and learning how to incorporate them into your weight loss plan to improve your metabolism. This approach is far more effective than counting the calories you can sweat off during endless exercise sessions that you dread, that often risk injury, and that you probably won’t stay with anyway.

REASON 8 You buy the hype. You chase the latest fad rather than thinking about what can work for you and your lifestyle.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?  Check online for reviews and detailed info about any plan, equipment or weight loss related item you are considering. Almost everything has worked for SOMEONE so see if you can figure out WHY it worked for them and if you share enough similarities that you can be confident that particular diet or exercise plan suits your lifestyle for the long haul.

REASON 9 You blindly trust experts and studies.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? You should be very skeptical of all current weight loss research findings and claims with a diet and exercise industry that has produced a failure rate of 95-98% and with the highest obesity rates ever. Many experts cannot even follow their own plans (if they can’t what are the chances you can?). Plus many studies are biased to produce the results their sponsors want produced and are often refuted by other studies that produce the exact opposite result!

REASON 10: You won’t put any time into learning about nutrition, weight loss or fitness.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?  Here is where all that time you are killing yourself at the gym or starving yourself should be spent. You should make learning something to improve your health and fitness a requirement every day. You need to understand what calories, carbs, protein, fiber and other key elements of nutrition are and how they work.

Compare learning about what creates weight loss and fitness to a builder studying blueprints before starting to build. All successful building projects are started with carefully developed plans, and this should be true for diet plans as well.

Too many dieters want to rush to start “construction” without a set of plans they are confident make sense for their lifestyle. This is a major reason why almost all diet efforts fail.

Jon Pearlstone

Jon Pearlstone, aka Mr. EET, is an International Fitness Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer and the Founder of the Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) Fitness Plan. EET is a diet and exercise plan that focuses on improving your metabolism through proper Eating, Activity and Exercise TIMING to match your body's natural metabolic cycle. EET allows you to eat without food restrictions or calorie counting, and to exercise less than 30 minutes per session, while achieving significant weight loss and improved fitness. The goal of EET is to end yo-yo dieting and short term exercise success by focusing on helping you build a sustainable plan for your lifestyle. This creates PERMANENT weight loss and fitness for people rather than the short term hype of "hot" plans like P90x or The Insanity Workout. Any questions can be sent to [email protected]

13 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

  • August 11, 2012 at 3:23 am

    thankz for the tips it really helps.

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  • March 26, 2011 at 6:11 am

    I think the main reason why people are not losing weight is because they are not motivated and they don’t want to give up their habits.

    • March 26, 2011 at 8:06 am


      thanks for the comment.

      While it may seem like motivation is the obvious reason people are not losing weight — it’s simply not true.

      Once people are shown that they can lose weight without suffering and deprivation or hours of exercise they hate and won’t stay with — they can LEARN to lose all the weight they want.

      NO ONE can stay motivated for ever, and statistics show only 2% of dieters can keep the weight off over a year, but EET’s success rate is far far higher than that because I discovered that if you build a plan that includes all the things people love to eat, and give people TIME and a CLEAR AND SUSTAINABLE PLAN to lose the weight, instead of this bizarre mainstream approach that you have to “change your lifestyle” and lose all your needed weight NOW, AND be able to maintain this new burdensome lifestyle FOREVER, that motivation has almost nothing to do with successful weight loss.

      Again thanks for writing!

      EET Fitness

  • December 2, 2010 at 9:11 am


    Thanks for your comments and I truly do wish you the best of luck in your weight loss and fitness efforts — whatever method you choose!

    EET Fitness

  • December 2, 2010 at 8:17 am


    Normally I would thank you for your comment and wish you all the best in your fitness efforts, but when it comes to plans like p90x, I simply cannot do that.

    The very idea that people should jump into a full intensity plan that has a goal to “reshape your body and life in 90 days” is exactly what’s wrong with our society’s current beliefs on weight loss and fitness.

    I did not mean to imply that p90x could not work, in fact i regularly say that all diet and exercise plans work — AS LONG AS YOU CAN STAY WITH THEM.

    i have many people on my EET plan who tried p90x only to get injured due to the message that you need to “hurt so good”. No matter what Tony Horton says, the videos are clear that you need to risk injury to be successful on this plan– heck you only have 90 days to get the job done–you better be ready to kick your butt or you’ll fail.

    Which leads to the bigger issue — after 90 days — then what? MOST (maybe not you but rest assured MOST) people radically change their lives for some period of time to try p90x — a handful make it the 90 days — and they do see changes. But they have changed their lives in a COMPLETELY UNSUSTAINABLE WAY.

    They don’t want to train at full intensity for 45-60 minutes each day for the rest of their lives, they did it for the sole purpose of changing their bodies NOW, and even if they see results–just like so many other diet and exercise plans there is no maintenance plan, so now they are to be expected to sustain this level of activity and most people won’t or can’t do it — plain and simple.

    Finally, EET has discovered that diet is far far far more important than exercise when it comes to weight loss which is what this article you commented on is about. There are many people who are killing themselves on p90x only to find they don’t see any changes at all because they do not make the necessary diet changes to get their body/metabolism to lose fat. In fact, i know of people who have GAINED WEIGHT using p90x because they figured they were working out so hard that eating more was not a problem.

    And of course, a true p90xer will reply that p90x includes the nutrition guide — yeah, right–they market dieting while on this plan really hard don’t they? THEY BARELY MENTION IT!!!! Their game is that you can sweat out a new body–well most people can’t, and even fewer (as in almost NO ONE) can do it without dieting.

    I have some successful EETers who have been on EET for OVER A YEAR who have never once done more than a POWER WALK. And they can eat any foods they like EVERY SINGLE DAY. That tells you the power of eating timing versus insane exercise — and you tell me which plan is more sustainable:

    Rearranging your eating timing patterns for life


    committing to a “nutritious diet” restricting many foods you love and 45-60 insane minutes of exercise every single day.

    I won’t even comment on the muscle confusion aspect of p90x because it’s likely a success story on p90x will not see how p90x HURTS most people’s weight loss and fitness efforts, no matter what I say, But you can read this if you are willing to and see where EET takes issue with p90x’s exercise approach as well.

    Sorry P90x , It’s EET’s Muscle Mastery over Muscle Confusion Every Time http://en.search.wordpress.com/?q=site%3Ametabolicmemory.wordpress.com+muscle+mastery

    EET has found MOST PEOPLE are not so different — most people want a plan that fits their current lifestyle–not one that demands pushing to the limit and being expected to stay that way — yet people will chase the hot fad with the sexy infomercial every time –that much I simply cannot deny, and, indeed it is one of the main reasons most are not losing weight.

    I do congratulate you on your success with p90x — staying with any diet and exercise plan is very challenging –especially one that risks injury, alters your lifestyle in a way most people could never sustain, requires a restrictive diet and leaves you without a maintenance plan after 90 days.

    EET Fitness

    • December 2, 2010 at 8:55 am

      As I said, there are no perfect solutions, either yours or Tony’s. Sustainability is no more than commitment to fitness. I tend to think that anyone who takes P90x or EET literally is just buying Ab Scissors etc. under a different name. You all do good work keeping the concept of fitness uppermost in people’s mind. But there is a fine line between good guidance and dogma. I am a proponent of P90x because it works for me. I am not only stronger and more energetic I have more balance and agility than I’ve probably had since I was in boot camp 40 years ago. Additionally I am in better systemic health. My doctor has taken me off hypertension and cholesterol meds that I had been using for more than a decade. The only prescription drug I use these days is synthroid for a hypothyroid condition.

      I appreciate the links but I have read much of what you have written over the past few months already. I find it interesting but – for me – not compelling. So for now I think I will just continue to Bring It! The results and my general well being speak for themselves.

  • December 2, 2010 at 6:16 am

    I have been successfully using P90X and any number of variants on it created by the now thousands of P90X enthusiasts for a long long time. It’s my daily routine as it is for many people. It may be popular but your implication that by being “hot” it’s a flash in the pan fad undermines the credibility of your otherwise good article. There are no perfect solutions – including EET. It all comes down to individuals and their commitment to a fit lifestyle. Tony Horton’s constant reminder to do what you can and forget the rest is solid. In presenting an argument it always helps to stick to the center and avoid the fringes.

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  • October 26, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    you’ve got a nice post here jon, these were an honest but true reasons to think about. thanks for sharing the infos :)

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  • September 26, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Jon, absolutely great article! Of course about 6 of these define me (especially #10). Thanks for everything!


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