10 Ways to Turn Your Chaotic Home Into A Clutter-free Space

A cluttered home is one of the most common problems in the world. Seemingly, anyone can relate to the problem of a messy or disorganized home. Reduce your homes clutter and make your life easier with a few simple steps.

10. Assess a Monetary Value to Your Space

Consider the amount you pay in mortgage, rent, or property taxes each month. This amount means that every square foot of your house has a monthly value. When considering whether to keep or discard an item, ask yourself: Is it worth the amount of space it uses? If not, throw it away.

9. No, You Probably Won’t Need This Someday

Most clutter accumulates because of the mistaken notion that you will eventually need it. After a year or two, clothes you don’t wear and items you don’t use are no longer necessary. Find a charity to donate your used item to, and you can feel good knowing that you helped someone in need while reducing your home’s clutter.

8. Use Containers Creatively

Buy or reuse a selection of baskets, small plastic containers, vases, and luggage to sort your clutter into easy-to-manage groups. Use small containers to sort items like paperclips, nails, and small tools. Put items like seasonal decorations in suitcases for storage. Sports items can go in large plastic storage containers in the garage so that they are always handy.

7. Scan It

If your home is replete with photos, papers, and school assignments, buy a quality scanner. Scan each item into your computer and label it with an informative title. This will reduce your home’s clutter while simultaneously making it easy to find your documents with a simple computer search.

6. Think Vertical

Are you using your vertical space effectively? Consider hanging pots and pans from the ceiling or walls in your kitchen to maximize your storage space. Look into loft beds that let you put a desk underneath a bed to make your child’s room more spacious

5. Schedule Time to Reduce Clutter

Don’t set aside one day to clean your house – you’ll get overwhelmed, and you likely won’t finish the job. Instead, pick an hour or two each day for a week. Concentrate on reducing the clutter in one room each day and before you know it, your house will be organized.

4. Organize Your Bathroom

If your bathroom counter is overflowing with makeup, lotions, and hair care products, look into discount bathroom vanities. Alternatively, consider moving some of the items you use every day to a bedroom vanity where you can sit and apply your personal care products comfortably.

3. Use Photo Boxes

If you have a pile of photos that you keep telling yourself will someday make it into a photo album, it is time to take action. Create a series of labeled photo boxes in which to store your precious memories. This will allow you to quickly sort photos. You can always move the contents of the photo boxes into albums at a later time.

2. Take Advantage of Your Local Library

If your house is full of books, it is time to get a library card. You can only read one at a time anyhow, and borrowing them instead of buying will be a plus for your household budget and your clutter problem.

1. Create a Clutter Jar

Create a small cash penalty system to address times when you or your children don’t put away what you are using when you are done. Charge 25 cents each time items are left out, and donate the jar’s contents to a charity or use the money to buy an item for your home.

Miguel is an avid blogger, father of 2, and recent proud homeowner. He loves studying architecture, home design and decor and plans to one day buy a custom house plan to build his dream home.


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