10 Ways You Can Lose Weight Without Diets

There’s no doubt that weight can be lost quickly- especially in today’s day and age with many trendy diets that work to quickly shed unwanted pounds. The disadvantage is that the dieter is normally left feeling deprived and hungry, and as quickly as they lose it, they find themselves in a position to gain it back. The best rule of thumb to follow is to lose pounds slowly to keep the unwanted weight off. Many experts claim that this is possible with simple “tweaks” to your diet- which means, no dieting!

The equivalent of one pound of fat is 3,500 calories. Eliminating a mere 500 calories each day through diet and exercise means a loss of about a pound a week. Over the course of a year, this is 52 pounds. If you are at the ideal weight, shaving 100 calories each day, will help to avoid a weight gain of a pound or two each year.

The following are a few simple strategies to help you to lose weight in a safe and steady manner so that you do reach long term success. Consider adopting at least one.

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1. Don’t Skip Your Breakfasts

Breakfast is one of the most important meals to help fuel the body and aid throughout the day in calorie burning. You’ll find that most people who lose weight and keep it off eat breakfast each day. Breakfast helps individuals to curve their appetite throughout the day, and studies have shown that individuals who eat breakfast have a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) than those that don’t.

A great breakfast to start you day with is whole grain cereal with a nice helping of fruit and low fat dairy.

2. Keep the Kitchen Doors Closed At Night

Late night munchies and meals are a habit that must be broken. Snacking or eating meals late at night prevents weight loss and enhances weight gain. If you have the urge for something past 8 pm, such on a hard candy, enjoy a cup of tea, or have a frozen yogurt. Be sure to brush your teeth immediately after, as this will help you to avoid going for a second helping.

3. Be Careful When Select Liquid Calories

Soda and other sweetened drink are high in calories and do nothing to reduce hunger like solid foods. Instead of grabbing for a sweetened drink, head for a satisfying glass of water, add citrus to make it more appealing or consider a nice cup of green tea, or small portions of 100% fruit juice or low fat or skim milk. If you find yourself hungry between meals you might also try a glass of low calorie vegetable juice. Try to limit the glass or two of alcohol to the weekends.

4. Consume More Produce

Fruits and vegetables are a great addition to a healthy diet and you should consume 10 servings each day. At mealtime, don’t think meat is the main staple on the plate, but instead, push it to the side and load your plate with vegetables. Also start lunch and/or dinner meals with a vegetable salad or a broth based soup. For each meal or snack, have a veggie or fruit or both. This is a great way to enrich your diet with fiber, phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins, not to mention you will begin to achieve that healthy glow.

5. Go For The Grain

Always choose whole grains over refined grains. Refined grains include pretzels, cookies, cakes and white bread. Whole grains such as bran flakes, brown rice, pastas, whole rye crackers and popcorn help you to fill up much faster.

6 Control Your Environments

You have control of your environment and this is a strategy to help cut calories. Don’t stock the shelves with foods that you should avoid. Instead stock them with healthy options. Another point to make is when you eat out, choose restaurants that have healthy selections on their menu. If you happen to be going to a party, eat a healthy snack before you go to avoid over indulging in the tasty treats at the party. If you feel like seconds after a meal have a big glass of water and wait at least 15 minutes.

7. Trim Portions

This is important as trimming your portions by 10 to 20 percent will result in weight loss. Most of the time, the portions on the plate are much more than needed. Use smaller bowls and plates, as well as, cups so that your mind registers that there is plenty there, which there will be.

8. Add more steps

Activity is crucial and each day you should strive to reach 10K steps. When you talk on the phone, don’t sit, but pace. Climb the stairs a few extra times if you have stairs in the home. Take the dog for a walk, etc. Whatever you can do to add more steps to your daily routine, do.  On average, we lose 1 calorie for each stair that we climb!

9. Eat Proteins During Every Meal

With the addition of low fat or lean protein to each snack or meal you will feel full longer and will be less likely to overeat. Include lean meats, beans, eggs, peanut butter, a small portion of nuts of low fat yogurt. Frequent meals and snacks every three hours or so are also suggested by the experts to help to keep individuals from over eating and to keep their blood sugar levels steady.

10. Make the change to lighter alternatives

Whenever you can substitute low fat versions, do so whether it is dairy products, mayonnaise, dressings, or other food products. This is a great means to trim calories. Instead of dip, use hummus or salsa, eliminate mayonnaise on sandwiches and use mustard instead, substitute roasted sweet potatoes for white potatoes, and so on.

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Michelle Oliver is a college junior with an interest in writing about health related topics.

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  • January 11, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    I do walk.and wotk go up and down stairs and iam still 9 .stone.and dont lose weight..i dont eat crap.now and then may be.i do like whiskey.


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