10 Words That Represent Weight Loss Best

Weight loss simply can’t be encapsulated into one idea or premise. It goes a little bit deeper than that. On the contrary, losing weight actually lacks the complexity that most people perceive it to have.

Let’s identify the 10 words that best portray weight loss in all of its entirety.


Everybody has a breaking point. Many people that have never actually attempted to lose weight until their adult lives realize that it isn’t as easy as they initially thought. And again it’s not that losing weight is complicated. From what I’ve observed over the years is that people tend to get frustrated with eating certain things that they just aren’t used too. They sometimes will go as far to think that they have an unfair life because of what’s required of them in order to lose any substantial amount of weight. The truth is that many of these types of people generally have this self inflicting outlook on many things in their lives to begin with. It’s better to just accept and adjust your lifestyle to a healthier one! –


Being relentless contains of couple of key ingredients. It’s about not knowing how to quit, never letting up on a goal or target, and repetitiously attacking a goal with lots of different techniques and strategies over and over again. Not knowing how to back up and only knowing how to go forward is a key mindset that one should try to take on if they are ready to lose weight and get into better shape.


It’s best to start getting into certain healthy habits almost to the point where you are stubborn about them. Like you can’t go out and socialize somewhere until you’ve had a solid workout and a light healthy meal. A very bland and general example but even still it holds value. We are human beings so by nature we tend to be pretty habitual with many facets of our lives to begin with. So take this one into account deeply as it counts for a lot. –


Being creative is an underrated concept and is rarely identified as something useful for people’s natural progressions throughout life. But it can be more useful than you may know. Taking your own unique approach to losing weight can prove to be more effective than anything else out there that is advertised and costs money. Who knows, you could revolutionize a small specified corner of weight loss altogether and get recognition for it if you dedicate yourself enough to an idea or regime. You may have all the answers you’re looking for tucked away inside small sleeping compartment in your brain. To unleash these powerful and highly effective ideas one must really sit down, and start thinking creatively. It could benefit you tremendously in the end.


You don’t perceive things with your eyes, you perceive with your mind. Your mind is the controller of what happens, what’s happening, and what’s to happen. Thinking forward is a golden rule of thumb in the world of weight loss. So maybe it would be best for you to let go of the past and what has already occurred whether or not you were completely satisfied with things. If you latch on to lingering failures from your past, this will only be accompanied by negative energy and thoughts which can heavily influence your current perceptions. –


It’s time for you right now to break out a piece of paper, or a word document, or a blank draft on your phone and create a schedule. Mapping things out will keep you on track and on target. Thinking about your long term goals is good, but don’t dwell on them. Instead, don’t focus so much on time itself (getting thin before beach weather) and think more about day to day planning. Don’t forget to be creative (wink).


Ever hear the old expression “the juice is worth the squeeze”? Well if you haven’t, believe that it measures up to the claim. I want to talk about the word “rawness” for a second. Getting your hands dirty and really diving into the trenches of weight loss can be like a battle. But the more of a rawness you have about yourself, the better. Getting raw is a means to be more realistic. The better you can accept and even embrace the hard work that goes along with weight loss, the better chances you’ll have at actually losing weight.


You can talk all you want about how much you’re going to lose, but you can’t talk the pounds off. I’ve recalled so many people over the years talk about how much their going to lose until they go horse. I’ve also bared witness to people that don’t mention one word about it and go out and burn away pound after pound. What’s the consensus to this? The talkative ones usually don’t lose squat because they’re too busy talking about it while the quiet ones simply believe it, and then go do it.

[box type=”important”]So don’t be a talker and tell friend after friend about what you’re going to do. Instead, be the quiet one and let your friends and family notice on their own of your accomplishments. Set yourself up with a plan or a mapped out weight loss model to follow. Then go set out to do it.[/box]


It’s good to revaluate yourself on many levels. When it comes to your own physique, cut yourself some slack. But at the same time, envision a reasonable version of your ideal physical self and shoot for that. You’ll never have the perfect body because the perfect body doesn’t exist. Think more in terms of how to get the healthiest version of your body, and not so much how visually impressive it can be.


I know this is the last thing you want to hear. So that’s why I’ll mention it last. Attaining substantial weight losses takes a good deal of time. It’s also better to lose weight slower than quicker. The body usually doesn’t respond well to rapid weight losses to begin with. On a side note, patience coupled with persistence can be an unstoppable duo. So remember to be patient, and in time your efforts will shine through.

Dan Petraglia

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