11 Easy Tips to Shape Up for Summer

Most fitness experts recommend staying in shape all year-long so there is no need to shape up for summer specifically. Sadly, we are not all fitness experts, and we can all use a boost once spring comes around.

Follow these 11 easy tips and you’ll be in perfect shape in no time.


1. Motivate yourself

Buying a bathing suit you don’t fit into yet might sound like a crazy idea, but it is an excellent way of motivating yourself to keep pushing your workout plan instead of giving up. Hang it behind the television or another place that will make you want to move.

2. Make a plan

After being inactive for a few months during winter, having a plan and sticking by it is essential if you want to get in shape on time. If your exercise routine is taking you outdoors a lot, bad weather might deter you from going out. One swift look on your workout calendar will change all that, and have you running in the rain.

3. Try something new this year

Another extra motivation to get started is to try something new. Rollerblading, disc golf or hula hoops, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are having fun with it. Not only are you having fun and exercising muscles you rarely use otherwise, you are learning a new skill as well. A triple win!

4. Exercise in the morning

Working out in the morning gives you that extra energy to tackle the rest of the day. In addition, it decreases appetite and you will burn calories all day long. A cardiovascular workout like jogging or swimming in the morning combined with strength training will burn off the extra pounds from winter in no time.

5. Change your diet

As spring sets in, your workout routine is not the only thing that could use a bit more diversity. More fresh fruit and vegetables will be coming into stores, so take advantage. Go for whatever is in season, and try adding some extra berries, nuts and fruits to your diet.

6. Go outside

As the days get longer and the weather turns mild, the time has come to take your exercise routine outside. Fresh spring air will stimulate your organism to awake from its slumber.

7. Walk and cycle

Walking and cycling to work, school or the store should be top of the list for anyone wanting to improve their shape, health and financial situation. Excellent for those suffering from a bad back, the benefits of walking and cycling extend beyond your summer shape to your mind, as you will be less and less annoyed with traffic jams.

8. Alternate exercise routines

You made your plan and you have resolved to sticking to it. But does it contain enough variety? If you are doing the same exercise all the time, chances are you will get tire of it quickly. Not only that, you are also exercising just one part of your body. Entire muscle groups will remain underused. For a perfectly toned summer shape, alternate exercise routines so all parts of the body get enough exercise.

9. Energize your life

Instead of just exercising for half an hour, try making everyday chores into a game to boost your activity level. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and carry your shopping home instead of taking a taxi. You will feel more motivated to get started on your exercise routine if you are active during the other part of the day as well.

10. Get into nature

As nature starts to bloom again, why not go out and enjoy it to the maximum? Hiking, climbing and camping out are excellent cardiovascular workouts that will reinvigorate you and help you connect with nature after a long winter.

11. Find a buddy

Exercising by yourself can be difficult at times, especially if your program last for several months. Having a friend to train with can do wonders for motivation. In addition, it’s a lot more fun.

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