11 Health Benefits of Singing

Do you like singing? Not everyone is a singer, not everyone is blessed with the gift of voice. Surely, this can’t stop you from being a bathroom singer, right?

Even if we cannot sing in front of an audience, singing a tune or simply humming when we are alone is something most of us do. We do it because we like it, but if you don’t, here’s some motivation for you – start singing, it can help you improve your health.

Just a simple advice before we proceed, start taking some singing lesions, it will help you in becoming a good singer, you might not win any singing contest, but you will definitely sing better.


Psychological Health
Singing makes us feel good. We become happier when we sing – as a result it improves our mental health.

Boost confidence
If you gather some courage, and convince yourself to sing in front of a crowd or an audience, it will surely boost your self-confidence and make your self-esteem rise.  Also it will be a better idea to get some singing lesions first before you put this point into application – the crowd or the audience is not judges who have come to listen to you for giving you marks and criticism. If you sing a good song that can touch the hearts of the crowd, they will cheer for you.

Heart health
This is not easy, as you need more than just yourself to complete this task. But surely, there must be some singing schools where you can join and get a team of singers to sing with you. The benefits are huge – when you sing together, it is not just your voices that get synchronized, but also your heart rate gets synchronized as well.

This is believed to be an equivalent to breathing exercise, so just like yoga or meditation, it has the same health benefits.

Boost Immunity
Singing in a group can increase some antibodies, thus boosting your immune system. So, singing can actually make your immune system stronger.

Beat stress
In today’s environment, with lack of sunlight, peace, and green one thing we all suffer from is stress. Tension gets to us far more easily and as a result leads to heart and mental problems. Singing can help you in this regard as well. Again, group singing will be the best option, however, am sure like everyone else, you too have a song that can calm you down. Try singing as an alternative health improvement method and keep tension and stress away.

Cure lung diseases and Asthma
Singing is similar to controlled breathing exercises which helps those who suffer from lung disorders. Thus it is good for people suffering from asthma.

Mood booster
Are you feeling a bit down? Try singing. Singing is a great way to uplift your mood, it makes you happier. When you sing, certain chemicals like endorphins are released. Thus it makes you not just happy but your entire mood gets an uplift.

Live longer
A study done at the Harvard University found that group singers live longer and their life expectancy is higher than the average in America.

Cancer Treatment
Singing does helps in increasing your lungs power. It means, it increases the volume of air that can be exhaled from your lungs. This way, it speeds up the treatment of certain diseases including cancer.

The feel of community
Just like any sports, singing too and especially group singing brings in a sense of community. Singing brings people together, whether you sing at a function, a family occasion or simply a duet – singing does bring people closer.

Body posture
Singing requires a good body posture, so when we sing our posture improves. Basically, you need to sit straight to allow your chest muscles fill air in your lungs, so a good posture is a must for singing.

Overall, singing has many health benefits, more so if you sing in a group. We do not recommend quitting yoga or meditation over singing, but to supplement it alongside. Make sure to contact your local doctor before applying these tips.

As far as singing goes, you don’t need to be a good singer to sing in your bathroom. Most of us are bathroom singers and proudly so. Singing is all about feeling good, hum as you like. For the additional health benefits from singing, it is suggested that you join a singing group and sing along side others. The real benefits lie in singing in chorus. For this, you might need some vocal lessons as singing in front of others or on stage might require a better voice.

Uttoran Sen

Uttoran Sen is a health blogger since 2004 whose only target in life is to stay healthy and fit. Catch him on his health blog: healthcave.com.

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