11 Must Have iPhone Apps for Fitness

GymPact Iphone App Review 2013

2. GymPact

It’s easy to blow off your workout because there aren’t really any stakes. GymPact is an awesome app that is here to change that. Each week, you pledge to complete a certain amount of workouts. Your credit card gets charged a penalty (usually $5 or $10) for each workout you miss. There’s even an incentive to keep your GymPact because if you succeed, you get paid a reward by the people who failed to meet their goals. You can’t cheat either, because the app checks in with your GPS location to make sure that it is either at an approved gym (it’s easy to get yours on the list if it’s not already) for a designated amount of time or on the move for a long enough and fast enough period if you go for a run.


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