12 Surefire Ways to Stop a Hangover

Even though most of us know that we should try to live a healthy life, sometimes happiness has to be the number one priority, even if it requires you to get smashed as if there was no tomorrow. And while some people claim there is no way to deal with a hangover, here are twelve scientifically-proven methods which can help deal with this annoying phenomenon.

  1. Because alcohol often leads to dehydration, especially with beer, it tends to destroy some of the tissues in your brain, creating a painful pressure which doesn’t seem to go away. This problem can be easily taken care of by continuously drinking water through the night; the volume of water drunk would ideally be the same as that of alcohol taken in.
  2. You should do your best to stick with lighter drinks, in terms of actual color. Darker drinks, such as red wine or whiskey for example, have a large number of congeners, a substance which is a byproduct of fermentation contributes to hangovers.
  3. Eating something while drinking is very important as it prevents your body from absorbing a lot of alcohol straight away. Also, eating something before can actually reduce the amount of alcohol in your blood.
  4. If you can afford it, you should definitely drink more expensive drinks as they tend to have less congeners (as mentioned above, they are an undesirable byproduct of the fermentation process).
  5. Drinking also depletes you of your potassium, meaning you should eat some potassium-rich foods, such as bananas for example.
  6. While many surely enjoy carbonated beverages, the fact remains that bubbles cause alcohol to be absorbed much faster, leading to a harsher hangover.
  7. It is very important for your brain to receive a good dose of blood and oxygen, which is why meditative exercises the morning of the hangover can make it go away much faster. Sometimes, rest and relaxation is all it takes.
  8. As most people know, drinking causes a certain amount of liver damage, and a good way to compensate for it is to eat scrambled eggs with plenty of vegetables mixed in. This will provide your body with a good dose of taurine (capable of reversing liver damage) and antioxidants which open up your blood vessels, further accelerating your recuperation.
  9. Because hangovers usually entail a bad case of an upset stomach, you should take the time to sip on some fresh and warm ginger tea; it has been medically proven to be effective at fighting against nausea.
  10. Multivitamins have become quite popular recently, mainly due to the fact that one can take them to almost instantly give its body an influx of necessary nutrients. Seeing as how alcohol depletes your body of them, you should pop a multivitamin after to accelerate your recuperation.
  11. One of the reasons you feel light-headed during a hangover is the lack of sugar in your blood, something which can be easily remedied with a glass of nutritious orange juice during breakfast.
  12. Finally, oxygen is known to accelerate the pace at which toxins resulting from alcohol are broken down and purged, meaning getting some fresh air outdoors, perhaps even exercise a bit and get those endorphins flowing.

All in all, even though it may feel like the end of the world in the moment, a hangover is far from being unbeatable. By taking the steps listed above you are going to tremendously ease the recovery process, at the end of which you will hopefully be ready to resume the regular life; always remember that to stop a hangover is not impossible.

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