13 Weight Loss Tips for Men

If you are a man chasing weight loss tips in magazines, newspapers and the television, you may have already realised that there is not much aimed at you, but women. While all the lifestyle and fitness magazines ignore your concerns, here are 13 weight loss tips that will help you toss those girly magazines in the dustbin.

  1. Before you eat anything, have a protein smoothie. It will not only taste great but will also keep you feeling fuller for longer and therefore, make you eat less. Eventually, eating less will help you control your diet.
  2. Tell yourself to not eat anything after 9 p.m. Anything includes both healthy and unhealthy food. Plan your last meal at such a time that your body has enough time to utilise it before you go to sleep. Eating right before sleeping makes one store fat.
  3. When you go out, make sure you park it at the farther end of the parking space. This will help you in engaging in quick power walks every time you want to use the car. This will work wonders, especially if you have something heavy to carry all through the way till where your car is parked.
  4. Use Friday to eat moderate quantity of your favourite food because of course you do not want to waste all your time eating healthy for 6 days only to store as much fat in one day as you burnt in 6 days.
  5. Spend the weekends working out. A lot of us can find plethora of excuses to avoid working out on weekdays, but you must find time for burning extra calories on weekends. If you take out time for working out, with every workout weekend, you will be getting a step closer to your goal.
  6. If you do not feel like cooking food on the stove, microwave the meals, which will help you keep the fat content free from the food and therefore, get you closer to achieving your goal.
  7. Eating after working out will help you burn more calories. Besides, working out makes you hungry soon after. Make the most of your hunger pangs after a session of work out and munch on healthy food.
  8. Always take the stairs when there is an option of going through escalators or flights of stairs. Climbing or running a few flights of stairs helps burn a lot of calories.
  9. Flavour food with the help of spices instead of high calorie ingredients such as sauces.
  10. Tell your friends and family about your weight loss goals as long as you don’t mind them being discussed. Talking about weight loss tips (www.onlymyhealth.com) with a colleague or close friend will only motivate you to move harder towards your goal.
  11. Post a picture of what you look like before starting the weight loss regimen and post the picture on your bathroom mirror. Looking at your picture first thing in the morning as soon as you enter the bathroom will help you motivate yourself to achieve weight loss success. You may also buy a few clothes of a smaller size that you have always wished to achieve and try them every day to see the progress you are making at achieving your weight loss goal.
  12. Stock a box of granola bars or cereal bars at your desk and eat them as snack instead of pushing your fingers into a jar of candies.
  13. Keep junk food at the rear of your cupboard or refrigerator. Ensure that you have the base and easily accessible-through-hand area of the cupboard or refrigerator filled with fruits and other healthy ready-to-eat food. The best thing to do would be to not stack junk food in your cupboard at all, which may be difficult in the beginning and therefore you, can gradually reduce the consumption of junk and unhealthy food.


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  • June 27, 2012 at 4:55 am

    I agree that protein shakes are excellent ideas for weight loss. What I did when I lost 55 Kgs was to use a protein powder in a Yoghurt based smoothie.  That was a meal in itself.


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