A 15 Minute Walking Workout Extends Life Expectancy

If you are someone who just can’t stand physical exercise and yet still want to somehow lead a healthy life with lowered risks for diseases, then this is definitely good news for you. A study conducted by researchers at the Taiwanese Institute of Population Science found out that even 15 minutes of exercise in a day can lower your mortality risk.

We have all been told that we should at least get 30 minutes of exercise daily but many people lack the time or willpower to incorporate such an activity in their daily routines. This led the Taiwanese researchers to look into the possibilities of less exercise still having a good effect on our bodies and mortality risks.

They launched a study where they monitored 400,000 Taiwanese for a span of eight years. They divided the subjects into 5 separate groups according to their daily exercise regimens: the inactive group that walked for less than 15 minutes, the low group that walked for 15 minutes, the medium group that walked for 30 minutes, the high group that walked for 60 minutes, and the very high group that walked for 2 or more hours.

In this eight-year period, the researchers found out that those who exercised more had a lower mortality risk. Those who belong in the low group, those that performed a 15 minute walking workout, have a mortality risk 15% percent lower than those who belong in the inactive group.

Exercise is able to reduce a person’s likelihood from dying in certain diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. Subjects that belonged in the very high group were half as likely to die from these two illnesses as compared to the ones in the inactive group. For cancer, mortality was 25% percent less than the inactive group.

The researchers also uncovered that merely 15 minutes of exercise can lower mortality risks to people of all population groups. Also, with each 15 minutes added to their daily physical activity, their mortality risk is lowered by 4% and their chances of dying from cancer decreased by 1%. With these results, the research team was able to conclude that 1 in 9 cancer deaths would have been averted if they did 15 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise daily.

The maximum benefit of moderate-intensity exercise is achieved at only 2 hours per day. According to the data gathered by the researchers, exercising for more than 2 hours every day will not give any more additional protection from diseases. For vigorous activities, however, they found out that its protective effect cab be achieved at only an hour a day.

15 minutes of exercise in a day might be half of what experts recommend. However, this should be good enough as compared to having no exercise at all. Furthermore, the researchers say that if an individual who exercises for 15 minutes a day sees significant improvements in his health and well being; there it is likely that he will increase the amount of time that he exercises everyday.


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  • September 15, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Anyone who says they can’t find 15 minutes to extend their life is lying to themselves


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