15 Train-Your-Brain Techniques For Dummies

No matter what your IQ is, you can always aspire to increase your brain power.  It’s all about training your brain to be sharper, to process information more quickly, and to recall more efficiently.  In order to achieve these results, you need to continually exercise your brain, just as you exercise your body.  By challenging your brain to do more than it does now, you will be able to sharpen it over time.

Brain cramp - train your brain for dummies lol

1.  Play Stimulating Video Games

Video games are not entirely bad for you, if you choose games that stimulate hand-eye coordination and you’re your brain strategize in order to win.  Play video games that tease your brain and test your mental acuity.  Video games are fun, while the potential for brain growth is tremendous.

2.  Practice Positive Thinking

Negative thinking drains the brain’s energy, since negative thinking is connected to self-fulfilling prophecies of failure.  Negative thinking also encourages emotions such as envy, dissatisfaction, discouragement and lassitude.  These emotions act like weeds rampant in a flower garden.  Think only positive thoughts and you’ll find you’re your brain performs much better.

3.  Seek Out New Experiences

A child learns fast and grasps quickly because a child is always curious.  When your stop being curious, your brain just retains what it’s learnt so far and doesn’t bother to challenge itself.  So seek out new experiences, things that you haven’t done before.  Be curious about your world again.

4. Have More Sex

Sex is tied to better mental performance owing to the positive hormones sex releases into the brain.  This is especially true for women since regular sex increases estrogen levels, which aids the woman’s mental performance.

5. Throw Away The Calculator

Throw away that calculator and do your own accounts . Use a pen and paper to help you stay on track. People become mentally lazy over time, using gadgets to do what our brains should be able to do naturally.  Get your brain back in shape by using it to crunch numbers.

6. Dig Through Memory Archives

Force your brain to remember memories that are dug deep. Most of us forget more than half of our childhood experiences as we approach middle age. Get your old picture albums out and start remembering incidents, events, faces, voices, smells and other associated memories. Watch home movies and map what you see with what you remember. This will vastly improve your memory and cognitive functions.

7. Learn A New Language

Stretch your mind a bit by learning a new language. Learning a new language when you’re not a child anymore can be very challenging. Remember your brain has a vast capacity to absorb new information; you’re just not using it.

8. Learn A Song Or Poem By Heart

Remember how you used to learn entire poems by heart as a child? Can you do that now? Try it; buy yourself a book of poems and learn them by heart. Listen to a new song and learn the lyrics and the tune, even if you are a bad singer.

9. Meditate

By meditating or by practicing self-hypnosis, you can access your subconscious mind and interact with it.  Meditation increases your focus and concentration, and helps you filter out all distractions.  This will greatly increase your memory functions and overall brain power.

10. Walk Around Blindfolded

When your blindfold yourself, your senses have to work harder to map your surroundings for you.  Your brain will be receptive to the signals received from your ears, hands, nose and feet when you’re blindfolded.  This extra work sharpens it and increases your motor skills, reasoning abilities and memory. [If you stub your toe or trip, just don’t sue me.  Just be careful!]

11. Play Mind Games

Tease your brain with mind games such as Sudoku, scrabble, and puzzle games, crossword puzzles and so on.  Puzzle games tease the brain and force it to come up with answers.  Even if you find it difficult at first, keep challenging yourself.  It’s best to take up a mind game that you enjoy, so that you don’t give up.  When you play with your brain using a hobby or a puzzle, your brain stimulates blood flow.  This strengthens the synapses between your brain’s nerve cells, making it sharper.

12. Read A Book

When you read a book, your brain naturally draws mental pictures of what you read. Reading gets your mind off pressing issues, allowing your brain to relax while still getting a good exercise.  Read suspense novels and whodunits to challenge your brain further.

13. Get Your 40 Winks

If you don’t get sufficient sleep, your brain will lack the power to assimilate new information. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, your brain won’t work at its normal capacity, much less become sharper!  Take Regular Exercise

14. Eat Foods That Increase Blood Flow To The Brain

Add gingko biloba, rosemary, St. John’s Wort, beets, legumes, beans and leafy veggies to your diet. Break a dark chocolate bar containing more than 60% of cocoa now and then. These foods stimulate your brain and increase its blood flow, increasing its power and function.

15. Do Something Different

Break out of your routines. Over time, your brain fits itself into repetitive and predictable routines that don’t challenge it at all.  Change your routine – walk to work instead of driving. Eat something else for breakfast.  Write using your left hand if you are a right hander. Your brain has to work harder to help you achieve this.


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