2 Successful Ways of Managing Your Quit Smoking Endeavor

Here is about uninteresting fact about people who are smoking, not only do all of them knew about the various harmful effects of smoking (physical, cosmetic, financial, et al.) but most of them are desperately trying to quit this killer habit. But what is stopping them? According to expert psychiatrists, the fact that nicotine is an addictive substance and the cravings that it generates once you try to quit is the main culprit behind the fact that most people are unable to quit smoking.


It is high time that you get your act in track and start the process of quitting smoking with new found gusto and determination. Here is how you can quit smoking without a whiff:

1.  Manage The Situations That Trigger Cravings For Smoking

If you notice your smoking pattern carefully you will notice that you tend to smoke only when you are in some kind of fear or a situation that induces anxiety and stress into you. Thus by managing these situations and finding alternatives to cope with these situations are the secret to taking a big step towards quitting smoking completely.

It is recommended that you use the likes of an Electronic Cigarette or other nicotine gums and lozenges in order to provide relief to yourself in these situations. You can also use meditation, exercises, and simple breathing exercise plans to combat these situations without needing a puff of the killer stick. Remember that your first effort must be to try to avoid the occurrence of these situations in its entirety in order to avoid chance of craving or relapses completely.

2.  Have Your Own Quit Smoking Plan

Have your own plan decide to quit smoking and this must include a host of reasons that affect your personally in the case if you continue smoking. Yes, there are a number of reasons that you must know about thanks to your research regarding smoking on the internet but unless you clarify them to yourself about their effects on your body, you will not be motivated to get rid of this killer habit. Here are a few examples:

  1. Whiter teeth, fresher breath and a healthier life, chances are that you will impress your perfect date partner sooner with these qualities!
  2. Cancer, heart attacks and other strokes are a painful way to die; you would rather live a pain free long life in peace.
  3. Your parents, partner and children are being exposed to the smoke that you exhale and thus incorporating the various effects for no fault of theirs. Quit, quit, quit.
  4. Calculate the amount of money you spent in the last week behind cigarette packets. Now multiply them with the duration for which you have been smoking and on seeing the staggering amount think of all the things that could had been done with that money

Add to these 2 simple tips the necessity to have a professional help with your quitting smoking regime and you are all set to bunk the junk.

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Brenda Lyttle is a health and beauty expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on healthy living, wrinkle cream, and anti-aging related topics. She is also a contributor for 365Gorgeous, the popular beauty products website.

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