3 Popular Dental Tourism Destinations and Their Benefits

Dental tourism is an increasingly popular option for many people in the west due to the massive savings available by getting dental treatment abroad. In the United States only around half the population has dental insurance and even for those that do have dental insurance there’s often significant additional costs that have to be paid by the patient for treatments above what’s covered in the standard care.

The situation is similar in the UK where an increasing number of dentists are going private and refusing to take on NHS patients, forcing people to fork out large amounts for treatment. Even when a dentist will accept a patient under the NHS, certain treatments are not covered and the patient has to pay the costs themselves.

Even with the costs of flights and hotels, getting your treatment abroad will offer significant savings. In the US a filling will cost anywhere from $300 to $400, yet outside the US/UK you can expect to pay only $20 to $40. A root canal will cost you up to $3000 in the US and less than $200 in a dental tourism country, so you can see there’s some very significant savings to be made by going to a dental tourism destination for your treatment.

There are dozens of different countries you can choose to have your treatment in and like everything in life; there are pros and cons to each country. Our 3 favorite locations have been picked based on overall customer satisfaction and the quality of the dental care available.

Budapest, Hungary

The level of treatment available in Hungary is extremely high with the level of service even surpassing that of the US and UK. While you won’t make the most significant savings in Budapest, Hungary, you will still make a good saving on what you would pay locally. The dental treatment prices in Budapest offer a good balance between cost and quality of care.

You can expect to pay around $50 to $60 for a tooth extraction, and $45 to $55 per root canal. More complicated treatments such as a full implant will cost around $600 to $700. It’s still extremely competitively priced compared with the US and UK, and more importantly Hungary is renowned for having a number of excellent dental accreditations and membership in international dental organizations.

Hotel prices in Budapest are very well priced and you’ll be able to get comfortable accommodation for $70 to $80 per night, or if you’re on a tighter budget you’ll be able to find cheaper bed and breakfasts for $30-$40 per night. Budapest is a beautiful city and it makes an excellent choice for your dental treatment as you’ll not only have world-class treatment at an affordable price, but you’ll be able to enjoy the city during your stay.

Warsaw, Poland

Poland is our second choice location for high quality and reasonably priced dental care and you’ll find the majority of the clinics in the capital city Warsaw.  Like Hungary, Poland also has a very high level of dental treatment, with excellent universities producing high quality dentists and with a strong economy you can expect state of the art medical centers with the latest advances in medical technology.

In terms of savings you can expect a 50% to 70% saving on your treatment compared with what you’d pay in the UK and US. Accommodation in Warsaw is also extremely cheap and you’ll be able to find a very comfortable hotel for under $60 per night. Warsaw is a fantastic city full of culture and the Polish are a very friendly people, most of whom speak fluent English, especially in Warsaw.

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is the cheapest of the dental tourism locations on our favorites list, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the quality is lower, as it’s extremely high in Thailand. Dental tourism is a significant part of Thailand’s economy and as such there’s significant money invested into the dental training and equipment.

You can expect to pay around $30-$40 for a tooth extraction in Bangkok and accommodation is extremely cheap, with hotels costing less than $40 per night. What makes Bangkok such an attractive dental tourism location for many is the beautiful weather and proximity to the beach which allows you to turn your dental treatment into a fantastic holiday with the option to spend a week recovering on the beach sipping fresh young green coconut water.


This is a post by David Veibl, occasional guest blogger on many topics, ranging from health to business and more. David now writes for SmileStudio, the best place to get dental implants in Surrey.



Occasional guest blogger on many different topics, ranging from business to health and more. He currently writes about dental health together with experts at The Houston Dentists

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