3 Skincare Tips for Men Who Work Hard

If you are often exposed to the elements during the course of your work and you also use your hands to earn a living with some hard labour then you are going to be punishing your skin.

You may work with sandpaper sometimes but you don’t want your skin to feel like it, so here are some essential skincare tips to keep you looking good.

Rough skin issues
If you suffer from rough or dry skin it can be quite a challenge to replenish the moisture and softness that seems to have been scrubbed away from your hands and skin in general. There are certain parts of the body that are particularly prone to roughness such as the front of your arms and legs, your face and of course your hands.

Dryness can be addressed by using a range of moisturisers supplied by a company such as Priori skincare but if you have persistent problems you may want to seek some medical advice in case you have an underlying skin condition that needs attention. These can include Psoriasis which is caused by an overactive immune system or Eczema which is a general term for various skin conditions that cause rashes to appear.

It is simply not feasible to rely on the natural oils in your body to prevent roughness of the skin occurring so you need to regularly moisturise so that your skin’s natural oils get a helping hand to keep you in top shape.

Gentle exfoliating will help you to get rid of flaky skin but pay attention to any signs of your skin getting worse rather than better. It is generally recommended that you should not really exfoliate more than once a week.

Oily skin issues
The first thing to understand is that there is a major difference between oily skin and well moisturised skin and obviously your aim is to achieve the former rather than the latter. A general misconception is that eating oily and greasy foods like burgers can be the cause of oily skin issues.

Oil glands in your body produce a compound which is known as sebum and this is a primary cause of oily skin and acne, if your body produces too much sebum which then clogs your pores.

Avoid soap
If you have oily skin then regular use of a harsh soap is basically going to strip your skin of natural fatty oils, which might sound the right thing to do, but over a period of time it could result in skin damage, so try to avoid soap unless you choose a very mild glycerine-based product.

Face masks
Try using some mud or clay face masks as these can work wonders in reducing the oil that is held deep inside your pores in much the same way as soap but without the same drying effect that can occur as discussed.

Choosing the right moisturiser
When you are trying to choose the right product for your skin and one that you can use on a daily basis to enhance and improve your skin condition, it helps to know a bit about the types of body moisturisers that you can buy.

Although the ingredients may not be all that familiar to most of us, there are two main types available, which are occlusives and humectants. Occlusives serve the main purpose of blocking water from evaporating from the skin cells whilst humectants are designed to draw more water toward the surface of the skin from your inner layers.
What you want is a daily moisturiser that works for you so why not seek some advice from a skincare specialist so that you can get the most out of your daily skincare routine, allowing you to work hard but still look good.

Leonardo Dawson works in a salon. He loves to write about his favorite tips on mens health websites and blogs.

Leonardo Dawson

Leonardo Dawson is an avid blogger who likes to write about health issues. His articles appear on various medical websites.

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