3 Tips for a Better Treadmill Workout

When it comes to getting in shape indoor, a treadmill workout is the ideal cardio training approach. Though running outdoor is very convenient, weather conditions and the cold can spell disaster on your training program. In that case, opting for a treadmill workout is the best alternative for shedding pounds and boosting fitness levels. Not only that, treadmills are safe, convenient and help you achieve the consistency you’re always wanted.

As a result, if you’re thinking about staring a treadmill workout program, here are 3 practical tips that can help.

1. Start With a Warm-Up

The warm-up phase is a critical component to the treadmill workout—and to any other training programs. The main goal behind a warm-up is to get your body prepped for the intense activity ahead by loosening up muscles and joints, improving blood circulation and kick starting the cardiovascular system for the workout. This helps improve performance and fights off premature fatigue and other discomfort and injuries.

As a result, make sure to start out your workout at an easy pace. Start off by walking for 3 minutes, then gradually bring up your running pace and speed for the next 5 minutes. Break into your usual running pace only after feeling well warmed and ready for the high intensity.

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