3 Ways to Give Your Heart a Health Boost

Your health and vitality are integral to your quality and duration of life that you can expect and how you look after your body is a subject that everybody should be paying particular attention to.

Here are 3 ways that you can give your body a helping hand and give your heart a health boost.


A Small Amount of Weight Loss

Exercise routines are not for everyone but it does not mean that you have to spend hours in the gym to gain benefits. Everyone should be aware that losing some excess weight is one of the keys to improving your health and even if you target losing a small amount of weight by exercising within your own limitations and tolerance levels, then you are sure to see some positive effects.

If you are considered to be overweight then losing somewhere between 5 or 10% of your body weight would greatly improve your metabolic profile and reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

There is no smoke and mirrors secret magic trick involved in losing weight, it is essentially a case of eating fewer calories per day and incorporating some moderate exercise like a daily walk into your routine. A regular routine involving moderate exercise and better eating would enable you to lose weight in small amounts over a number of weeks which is better than trying to blitz the diet and exercise routine, which just doesn’t work for most of us.

Omega 3

The regular consumption of Omega 3’s is an essential part of your armoury in boosting and maintaining a good level of health. There are three types of fatty acids that combined are referred to as Omega 3’s and they are essential to the human body because we are unable to produce them ourselves so they have to be consumed by eating food that contains them naturally such as fish and also by taking supplements.

Regular consumption of Omega 3’s helps to reduce inflammation which leads to the onset of heart disease and joint problems such as arthritis. Not only do these fatty acids help to improve the condition of your heart and joints but they also improve cognitive functions in the brain, an important factor especially as you get older.

You can consume some Omega 3’s through eating oily fish such as tuna and also snacking on some nuts like walnuts which are a rich source of these fatty acids but you may also need to supplement your natural intake otherwise you may fall short of your daily intake without a slight boost as well.

Coffee with Friends

There are two potential benefits rolled into one activity here. The American Heart Association conducted some studies in Boston that showed regular consumption of coffee, but no more than two cups per day, could actually reduce the risk of heart failure by up to 11%, but any more and you could be heading the other way and increasing your risk.

A psychologist based at the University of Chicago found that loneliness is linked to a hardening of the arteries which in turn can increase your blood pressure and the chances of heart disease. Meeting up with friends over a coffee is a pleasant thing to do anyway but there are also health benefits attached so it is a winning combination that will hopefully do your some good.

The general rule in order to boost your health and heart is to take some moderate but regular exercise at the very least and pay attention to what you eat without going all out on a diet that will be hard to stick to. Changing your lifestyle and eating habits for the better in even a small way, can certainly have long-term health benefits.

Sandra Goldstein

Sandra Goldstein is a practising nutritionist. She enjoys sharing her expertise through blogging on various health related websites. Visit the Everest Nutrition KrillOil.com link for more ideas and information.

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