4 Diet and Fitness Products that Don’t Hold Water


2. Toning Shoes

Toning shoes were the craze of 2010, and quickly grew to be a multi billion dollar industry. The shoes came with large, oversized platforms that changed the gait and used a rocking motion to simulate walking on sand. Wearing the shoes was promised to flatten the stomach, firm thighs and buttocks and help lose stubborn pounds. One brand, Shape Ups by Skechers experienced particular success, and were endorsed by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke.

However when consumers didn’t lose any weight, multiple complaints were filed with the FTC in a class action settlement. After further investigation the FTC found the original data used to back the claims for the shoes were conducted by a doctor married to a Skechers executive. An independent study of the shoes effectiveness was ordered and when tested, toning shoes appeared to have no cardiovascular benefit over regular shoes.

The FTC demanded that $40 million dollars in refunds were to be distributed to unsatisfied customers who had been tricked by the misleading advertising. However the call came too late for some consumers, besides being called a hoax some consumers believed the shoes to actually pose a danger and cause injury. Multiple websites have now emerged on the web calling for a more serious mass tort lawsuit against Skechers Shape ups and Reeboks toning shoes. Consumers claim the shoes have caused injuries ranging in severity from sprains and tears to broken hips and head injuries.

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