4 Diet and Fitness Products that Don’t Hold Water


4. Shake Weight

Although comical to some, the shake weight promised to be an affordable and even, dare I say it- fun way to build muscle and burn fat. A male 10 lb dumbbell and a female 5lb dumbbell were among the initial releases. Other more sophisticated versions with clocks and timers also eventually joined the product line. When shaken, the weight inside is jettisoned between two springs inside the dumbbell. The company claimed that the weights movement caused a “dynamic inertia” that would burn through calories and fat, engaging multiple muscles at a time. However doctors from WebMD insist that the limited range of motion does not stimulate the muscles as effectively as free hand weights.

Despite all of our innovations there is no sound substitute for a healthy diet, regular exercise, proper hydration and rest for both inner and outer health.

Mike Bomberger

Jackie is part of the outreach efforts for Estey & Bomberger, LLP- an award winning California based personal injury firm specializing in dangerous consumer and medical products.

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