4 Essentials for Improving Your Skin’s Health With Proper Nutrition

Beauty comes from healthy skin. So how do you take care of the largest organ in your body? Well there are many ways to improve the health of your skin, but perhaps the most important comes down to nutrition. Like any other aspect of our health, what we fuel our bodies with has much to do with how well our body systems perform. Skin health is no exception.

You don’t have to be a skin expert to take control of your health. Try incorporating these four essential boosting nutrients in to your meals and your reward will be healthier, more radiant skin.


1. Vitamin A
In order to keep skin healthy, it’s important to promote proper skin cell re-growth. This is one of the main functions of Vitamin A. For those who are healing a skin injury or have noticed their skin is lacking the softness it once retained, Vitamin A can be a great help. It has also been recognized for its role in warding off premature signs of aging.

There are two main types of vitamin A, retinoids and carotenoids. The first comes from animal derived foods and the second from plant and vegetable foods. Both are important and can be worked in to a healthy diet.

What to Eat: Carrots, green leafy veggies, eggs, milk, sweet potato

2. Vitamin E
Vitamin E is most commonly considered an important nutrient for skin due to its ability to help fight off free radicals. Essentially it works as an antioxidant that can help reduce damage caused by exposure to the sun and daily pollutants. It can also help fight signs of aging that occur prematurely and, when applied topically, it has been helpful in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and other blemishes on the skin.

It’s also been suggested that Vitamin E can help protect the body from prostate cancer as well as Alzheimer ’s disease.

What to Eat: Sunflower seeds, leafy greens (particularly Swiss chard, turnip greens and mustard greens), almonds, papaya and asparagus.

3. Vitamin D
There are many different benefits of Vitamin D that impact the entire body, but for the purposes of discussing skin health, the most impressive are lowering the risk of inflammation, bacterial infections and improving the body’s ability to replace and regenerate skin cells. This is important not only for healing the skin after an injury but also for helping to fight the signs of aging.

What to Eat: Goat milk, cow’s milk, mushrooms, eggs, sardines and salmon.

4. Zinc
Like all the nutrients mentioned so far, the natural benefits of zinc reach further than just the skin. The main skin benefit however is helping the skin’s natural renewal process. It’s been suggested that zinc helps wound recovery and has even proven to decrease acne when applied topically or taken orally. Other skin conditions which result in skin feeling flakey or dry can see vast improvement with zinc.

What to Eat: Meat, lentils, milk, nuts and oysters.


Emily Murray

Emily Murray is a journalism school graduate and the communications specialist for the online skin care website Bellarx.

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