4 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss And How to Use Them

Every dieter who’s on the weight loss path knows that he or she needs to abide to the right eating guidelines on nearly daily basis—and that’s no easy feat. Good eating habits require practice and long life commitment to develop. This is why most diets fads don’t work. Healthy Long term planning (and behaving) is the way to go.

Nonetheless, here are a few nutrition shortcuts that can help you shed those extra pounds and keep them off for good.

Consume More Calcium

Calcium is a vital ingredient that promotes good bone health, but it can also help you shed more weight. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, dieters with the maximum calcium intake from dairy foods shed 60 percent more pounds than those with the lowest.

As a result, aim for at least 1000 mg a day. Get plenty of oranges, almonds, peas, canned sardines and other rich calcium foods.

Eat More Protein

As you know, protein is vital for muscle growth and proper recovery, but it can also help you shed the pounds by taming hunger pangs and overeating. In fact, subjects were found to consume about 1000 fewer calories over a period of four days when they opted for 15 percent protein diet than those whose diet was 10 percent or less,  according a study at the University of Sydney.

Therefore, make sure to eat protein with every meal—especially breakfast. In fact, another study found that dieter who ate two eggs and a bagel for lost 60 percent more pounds than those consumed a bagel with cheese. In addition, prepare protein rich snacks to help you curb hunger during high calorie intake situations such as the late evening or when feeling deprived.

Read the Label

By just reading the label on packaged foods, you increase the chances of permanent weight loss. In fact, people who read nutrition labels are better expected to shed the extra pounds than non-readers, a study published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs revealed. Those labels are there for a reason: help you determine the real merit of a given product. You always have the choice.

Therefore, before you make any purchase, read carefully through the nutrition facts by mainly checking on calories, unhealthy fats and the ingredients.  In addition, make sure also to check serving size, which are frequently unrealistically undersized.

Avoid Distraction

Multitasking while eating is no good. Unfortunately, the total time Americans spend eating while multitasking has risen harshly over the last thirty years, a study published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs found. Opting for this behavior makes it much harder to monitor your calorie intake. It’s like trying to have sex and do your taxes at the same time, they don’t blend well.

Therefore, make sure to set up the right eating environment. Get rid of the TV, put down the newspaper and the laptop and focus on the task at hand. If you usually eat lunch at your work desk, change the venue and go eat somewhere where you will not be distracted by emails or co-workers demands.

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Hello My name is David Dack, I'm an established author on the subjects of running, exercise motivation and overall fitness.

One thought on “4 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss And How to Use Them

  • February 19, 2013 at 12:26 pm

    Hi David

    There are two things that you also should consider if you are trying to lose weight, and that’s diatyrefibers and salt.
    The fibers will also help you to feel full longer, thus making you eat even less.
    And of course salt, a lot of ppl eat to much salt every day and it binds water in the body and increases the chance for high blood pressure as a starter.


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