4 Mistakes That Bodybuilders Make

Bodybuilders often get a bad reputation as being ‘meat heads’ or of being all matter and no mind. However this actually is not entirely true, and certainly not true of the most successful of bodybuilders. You see in order to be a great bodybuilder you need to be able to understand the science behind your training and at least some of the fundamentals of biology so that you can effectively ‘hack’ your body and get it to change in the way you want.

Bodybuilding in other words is a highly complex and actually very scientific passtime and it takes a lot of work and effort to get it right. Understandably then, many of the very new bodybuilders take a while to perfect their art and will at first make several blunders and mistakes as they try to get into the best possible shape. Here we will look at some of the most common of those errors to help you avoid making them yourself.

1. Not Resting Enough

Rest is the ‘yang’ to training’s ‘ying’ and is completely essential if you want to get the most from your workouts. In fact, your resting time is the precise time during which your muscles grow, and if you don’t get the rest in then quite simply you won’t develop any muscle at all. When you train you effectively damage your muscles, and when you rest they get repaired in such a way that they come back bigger and stronger. Thus without the necessary rest you don’t get bigger arms and pecs, you instead just live with damaged muscle groups.

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