4 Predictors of Heart Trouble Come With Age

6.The ‘silver fox’ look, more prosaically known as grey hair.

The results of this new research were unveiled at the American Heart Association, scientific symposiums in Los Angeles. The first four of the above signs of aging were strongly related to heart problems. The quantity of wrinkles and grey hair were not. Good news for all those cosmetic surgery addicts and the hair dyers. You aren’t covering up any signs that could be useful to your medic.

[box type=”important”]However, patients who had a minimum of three of the signs 1 to 4 had a greatly increased risk of heart attack, some 57%. While at the same time they had much higher chances of heart disease too, some 39%. Both of these figures took account of other risk factors as well.[/box]

So now the American Heart Association is informing doctors everywhere and the public that the likelihood of heart attack and heart disease rises in correlation with each additional sign of aging. The findings were equally applicable to both men and women and across all of the age ranges. Of course, the older we get the greater the risks anyway.

With septuagenarians being most in danger. The bottom line in the AHA commentary on the Danish study is that the outcomes should be taken seriously by doctors everywhere and make the observation of visible signs of aging a basic aspect of every patient’s physical examination. When you look old, it is very likely that your heart is feeling your age too.

Claire Al-Aufi

Claire Al-Aufi is a contributing author for Hive Health Media who provides updates on health and fitness news.

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