4 Ways to Attenuate Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

EMFs, or Electromagnetic Fields, have been a subject of much contention over the last two decades. Although the EPA initially released a report that admitted that there was evidence “suggesting a causal relationship” between EMFs and cancer back in the early 90s, they mysteriously contradicted themselves shortly after when energy and IT companies began to lobby against any litigation. Although there is still no “definitive” evidence linking EMFs with cancer, the majority of scientists and doctors agree that the danger is in fact, real. Regardless of whether or not you personally believe that EMFs cause cancer, it’s better to be on the safe side, especially when you’re gambling with leukemia. Following are 3 ways to attenuate the amount of EMFs that you are exposed to every day.

1. Get a Gauss Meter

The first thing that you’ll want to do is to get a Gauss meter to measure the strength of the electromagnetic fields in your home and where you work (just be sure to not let your coworkers see you because it will look ridiculous). Gauss meters are a little expensive (there are some that are under $100, but they’re “single coil,” which means you have to take three separate measurements for the x, y, and z access and then plug them into a calculation to determine the level of EMFs) but you can hire an electrician or simply rent one instead. A good rule of thumb is to keep

2. Don’t Stare at Your Computer Monitor

If you’re one of those people that find themselves looking closer at your monitor throughout the day, you might want to consider the fact that you’re dunking your face in a jacuzzi of electromagnetic radiation for 8 hours a day. To give you an idea of how ridiculous this is, the Russian standard for acceptable EMF levels is .1 mGs. The average monitor in America is 5 to 100 mG at about a foot away from the screen. It also doesn’t help that America has an insatiable appetite for bigger and brighter monitors, pressuring companies to come out with models that produce more EMFs each year. You may be getting HD picture, but your brain tumor will also be growing in 1080p.

3. Limit Your Use of Jewelery

Not only will too much jewelry make you look like you own a check cashing store, but it can lead to symptoms of EMF exposure such as anxiety and depression and leukemia. Many people don’t think jewelry would emit an electromagnetic field since they’re not an appliance, but the metal conducts nearby EMFs. For example, a metal watch or a necklace would only conduct a portion of the energy emitted from an appliance, but the fact that its touching the skin and usually along an acupuncture meridian (such as the wrist) makes your body more susceptible to damage from it.

4. Location, Location, Location…

Homes that are near power lines are substations are usually considerably lower in value because of the dangers that come along with being constantly exposed to the large levels of EMFs that these places emanate. Even having a power box in front of your home can be of concern, since the power line leading into it can be anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 volts. If you have a satellite dish for internet on your balcony, you might want to make sure that the couch in your living room is at least 6 feet away from it. Although those types of dishes only receive and don’t transmit signals, there is still a considerable amount of EMFs around the dish.


Eric Hirota is a personal trainer at LAVA Sport & Fitness in San Diego, CA. Aside from nutrition and exercise, writing and web design are his main passions in life.

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