4 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

Numerous women out there have fought the breast cancer battle and have come out victorious. But, there are others, who are not so lucky, as they don’t have enough money.  You can donate money at various charities for breast cancer relief that help them fight the battle.

Cancer is one disease that traumatizes a vast majority of the population. If you want to minimize your risks of getting breast cancer, here are four simple tips for you:


1. Keep Your Weight Under Check

Doctors always say that putting on weight is the worst thing that you can do. It affects the natural functioning of the body and affects you in the future. If you want to avoid breast cancer and keep it at bay, then you will have to ensure that your body-mass index or BMI doesn’t ever cross 25.

Putting on weight in your middle age, irrespective of whether the BMI is less than 25 or not, increases the risk for cancer. Research also shows that high BMI increase the chances of breast cancer after you hit menopause.


Brenda Lyttle is a health and beauty expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on healthy living, wrinkle cream, and anti-aging related topics. She is also a contributor for 365Gorgeous, the popular beauty products website.

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