5 Apps That can Help Men Reduce Weight and Keep Healthy

Gone are the days when men stayed outdoors with most of their leisure time. The usual way for men to entertain themselves used to be playing football, tennis or any other game that exercised their bodies. Computer games and endless numbers of TV channels nowadays keep men confined to their desk for long hours with no end to it. Even those men who are enthusiastic toward sports nowadays prefer watching the game sitting in the comforts of their sofa rather than playing the game out in the field.

Another bane on men is the easy availability of fast food and binge eating. Fast foods are simply calories made from refined flour, sugar and excess fat. This adds to the woe of sedentary men, and substantially contributes to early aging, lack of fitness and a poor quality of sex life.  As a consequence, their kids pickup these habits and overall the whole family falls prey to poor health.

Researches show that excess body fat causes premature death from heart attacks (also known as cardiac arrest). They are also known to aggravate hereditary diseases like diabetes and hypertension, and in women sterility. If at all women are able to conceive naturally, delivering a healthy baby naturally is seldom a fact for them.

The most disturbing factor however is that men do not recognize those symptoms that affect their health at the right stage, and those who do, don’t take corrective steps or mend their lifestyle on time.

The easy availability of apps is changing men’s lifestyle substantially toward following a healthy lifestyle. The information revolution has brought enough awareness among men and driving that are the numerous health related apps in the market. They help to foresee future health related problems by warning users ahead of their onset. Apps are there all over the internet, and many are free to download and use.

Here are 5 apps that you may want to try to bring back the health you may have lost. Others can use it for monitoring their health and stay fit for the rest of their life.

JEFIT – Workout, Fitness, Gymlog


Do not be tempted into believing that JEFIT is only for bodybuilders or fitness fads who have little other things to do in their life. It is ideal even for common people like us who want a healthy body and nothing more. It can help you keep track of your body statistics, plan exercise routines, your performance in the gym and a detailed database of your performance. The app synchronizes with the app server, and therefore is accessible for you any time anywhere. There is a progress tracking system you should take care to check out.

JEFIT is rated 5-star at Google play and has been downloaded 23,000 plus times from there. The app was last updated in 2013. To use it, your phone must be Android and must run version 2.2 or later.

Restaurant Nutrition

REstaurant nutrition

 One of the biggest mistakes men make when dining is not counting the calories that goes in the food. Seemingly innocent food that you believe has no calories can be too high in useless calories. Excess calories convert to fat and are difficult to shed once they lodge in your body. Keeping a tab on foods for men is a difficult job, and making it easy is Restaurant Nutrition app. You can use the app to keep you informed about the calories you take in, and it has a database covering over 100 restaurants and 15,000 food items. The app also updates menus periodically, tracks your food intake for calories and even helps you find a healthy place to dine and enjoy your food through the use of a map.

Restaurant Nutrition is rated 4-star at Google play and the latest version was last updated in June, 2012. There are more than 777 people who have sent in their rating. Restaurant Nutrition app runs on Android phone version 2.1 and above.

Men’s Health Workouts

 Men's health magazine on the iPhone

 Even for those of us who workout our bodies in the gym, there are times when we feel rutted out. It is not uncommon to see running out of ideas on new exercises and how to perform them safely without causing injury to bones and muscles. Help is handy when you have Men’s Health app in your mobile iPhone. Men’s health is actually a compilation of workouts you will never have done, and each one has been designed and recommended by experts. It is almost like having a workout encyclopedia in your palm. The plans are intuitive, easy to understand, has video demos and audios of articles, and even photos you will love to see.

Men’s Health Workouts app can be downloaded from iTunes and is free to use. The app was last updated in May, 2013. iTune recommends that you must be at least 17 years or above because it contains mature or suggestive themes. You can run the app on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and must have iOS5 powering it.

Pickup Sports

 Pickup sports

Exercising is fun only when you have company. It is kind of an incentive to be punctual and to keep to a sporting activity. Lonely workouts often lose its sheen and leads to lethargy. So, a good company is what you need to keep to a routine, and helping get a partner is what Pickup Sports app does for you. Pickup Sports has helped hundreds of health enthusiasts to find a perfect partner for playing games within their area through GPS. You can find partners for jogging, group games, and fitness workouts, and even find someone for working out in the local gym.

Pickup Sports was last updated in October, 2011 and has an average rating of 4.2 in Google play. To run this app your mobile phone must be Android with version 2.1 or later.

Hundred Pushups

Hundred Pushups

Performing pushups is a manly pursuit and who will not want to do it? It has the potential to increase your body strength tremendously and in very little time. Hundred Pushups is actually a training program that will teach you how to perform 100 pushups non-stop with very little effort. Those who followed the instructions are even reporting their progress. It is time for men to get this app in their Android phone at the earliest that they can.

The average rating for Hundred Pushups is 4.0 and has been downloaded 231 times. It was last updated in April; 2013.There is a small fee for downloading, but that you shouldn’t mind considering the big benefit you are due to get. This app will run on Android phones powered with version 1.6 or later.

About the Author

Kathryn Smith, the author of this post is an all-round blogger, who also identifies various call tracky websites to help common people stay away from scam calls and increase their safety standards.


About the Author Kathryn Smith, the author of this post is an all-round blogger, who also identifies various distance learning universities to help students choose the right place for a successful career

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