5 Best Breakfast Recipes for a Healthy You!

Experts have always highlighted the importance of breakfast. Significance of breakfast increases with the fact that it is the food which ‘breaks your fast’! The time gap between dinner and breakfast in the morning will usually be around ten hours. The body would have suffered major loss of energy and cells. Therefore supplementing your body with the right quantity and source of nutrients is most important. Here I have chosen the top tasty breakfast recipes keeping in mind the nutrition part of it too.

[box type=”note”]Remember; anything vegetarian which is consumed in its natural form is the best way to keep yourself healthier. Be it fruits, vegetables, milk, honey, sugar, butter, berries like blueberry, acai berry and dry fruits like cashew, badam etc in various forms can make a good combination for breakfast.[/box]

Breakfast oats topped with acai berries

Breakfast Oats Topped with Acai Berries

1)     Oats related: probably you can prepare porridge with good add ons like honey, sugar or jaggery. Note that oats is extremely rich in fiber, proteins and vitamins which is precisely what you need to compensate for the loss your body has suffered during the fast.

2)     Fruits related: a simple salad though is very easy to prepare, gives you that energy and freshness which can suffice the entire day. Use banana, apple, grapes, orange and similar simple but nutrient rich fruits along with lots of milk, honey and sugar. Along with this, some people choose to use products like the Acai berry detox pills with hopes of it acting as a detox agent. Also make sure the fruits and berries are fresh.

3)     Egg related: boiled egg, scrambled egg or omelet saves time in preparation and gives you the much-needed nutrients. Bread sandwich along with honey and the egg items with pepper powder tastes good too.

4)     Use citrus fruits like orange and lemon, berries like blueberry, acai berry, strawberry is a good diet plan. Few berries like acai berry are known to have detoxifying effect. Choosing a high protein diets can have a positive effect on your body health. Also supplementing yourself with the juices of these fruits and berries, along with your normal breakfast is a good substitute for nutrient rich non vegetarian food.

5)      Scrambled tofu: sometimes considered better than egg in terms of nutrition value. Onions, garlic powder and pepper with moderate salt adds good taste for your food.

Have loads of water and don’t be afraid to drink natural fruit juices. This has no substitute. Advantages of these are aplenty. Few other tips you might want to follow are; try avoiding fried and roasted food items, instead prefer boiled items as they keep the nutrients intact. Also never skip a meal or breakfast and always enjoy what you eat!

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