5 Effective Tips to Use a Safety Razor

Safety razors may be outdated but it doesn’t mean they are bad choices. With the right technique and type of shaving cream, a safety razor can set forth a new shaved look that you’ll surely be happy about that even the best electric shaver can’t do. It’s true that you can get the job done with less hassle and time involved by using a straight razor. Nonetheless, there are several benefits that you can only avail through a safety razor. Read through this article and realize what they are as you discover 5 crucial tips to efficiently use a safety razor and guarantee a clean and exquisite shaved face every day.

safety razor

1. Don’t rush while shaving

Slow down while shaving with a safety razor or you’ll end up suffering for razor burns later on. You should focus on reducing your beard slowly to avoid accidents. Think of this activity as a process where you take off some of your beard through several passes. Safety should remain your main priority since a fine-looking shaved face can be entirely ruined by a nasty cut. It’s also important to clear your surroundings from possible distractions like your kids, pets, and mobile phone.

2. Be extra careful while working through the contours

It’s never easy to work with the contours of your face with a safety razor. Remember what you have already learned in step one and slowly drive the blade around your chin and jaw line areas. Don’t exert too much effort and simply allow the blade’s sharpness to do the work. This approach may take some time but will assure a safe and fulfilling shaving session while using a safety razor.

4. Keep your face moist and hot

Wash your face with warm water to moisten your skin. Keeping your face wet as you shave will make the process easier and safer. You can also use a towel soaked with warm water for this purpose. By warming up your beard, hair follicles will tend to loosen up making them easier to get rid of.

5. Meticulously apply a shaving cream

Never use foam from a can as you shave especially with a safety razor. Although it’s true that aerosol propellants create good foam, they result to little pockets of air which leave several areas of your skin unprotected. Having a bowl filled with shaving soap and applying the solution with the use of a badger hair brush is what majority of experienced men do while shaving. You’ll definitely find this method easier and safer to the extent that trying it out even just once can convince you not to go back to your old ways.

Bonus:  Using a sharp blade is a must

Among the many reasons why many men still prefer safety razor is the fact that they cheaper compared to new models. You don’t need to settle with old safety razors since you can replace them frequently to guarantee the best shaving experience. You can do so at least twice a month or depending on your facial hair’s growth rate. Tough beards also require blade replacement to be carried out more often as they can easily make even the sharpest model available dull after a several times of usage.

Every man carries a different facial form and type of beard so choosing a safety razor that perfectly fits to your needs is imperative. Although you always have the option to use the best electric shaver, it’s not advisable for those who want to gain full control while shaving and come up with a perfectly shaved face. By following the tips mentioned above, you’ll not only assure safety while shaving but have fun along the way as well.


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