5 Golden Rules when Running to Lose Weight

It’s pretty much guaranteed that you can lose weight just by running.

And more than that, running is a good way to relieve the stress that you feel as your workload at the office begins to take a toll on you. Most importantly, running has been shown in studies to be extremely efficient at improving your overall well-being, in combating chronic diseases and in giving you longer life.

1. There’s Something with the Gear

Imagine yourself wearing your high heels when running….that may be an exaggeration but think about it, your shoewear will greatly affect how you perform in running. An ill-fitting shoe will not only be uncomfortable during running but it will lead to foot conditions like calluses, corns & bunions. To make sure that you’ve had the right pair of shoes, you’ll always have to seek the assistance of a salesperson to let you decide on what you really want and what you would really have to need. A word of caution though, if it is your first time, you might actually end up wondering why you’ve just bought something that seemingly does not fit your lifestyle. Smile, your shoes will go a long way and you won’t have to buy another for the next few years.

2.  Always Have Fun and Be Merry!

When you are having a good time doing something, it’s not so surprising when you end up doing it for longer periods of time. If you wish to lose weight by running, you have to enjoy the activity so you’ll be able to wake up early in the morning to do your daily routine. Enjoying the activity also means that you’ll have that staying power to still run despite a very busy day in the office and you seem to be tired and you all want is to rest and do nothing at all.

3.  Eat and Hydrate

Some people just got it all wrong. If you want to lose weight by running, you might also have to eat a whole lot more than you used to but this time around, you have to consciously select what you’ll have to consume. For instance, instead of running towards another popular fast food outlet, you’ll have to run away. Instead, go for home cooked meals that are rich in vitamins, minerals and supplements that your body rightly needs so. Shun away from junk foods and go for vegetables and fruits. In short, healthy eating plus running equals the fabulous body that you are rooting for.

4.  Climb that Ladder

Challenge yourself and increase your running statistics. You’ll have a lot of figures you’ll learn along the way when you choose running. This means that while you start out with a comfy pace and duration, you will have to get out of that comfort zone and run to challenge yourself and to be closer to your goals. Don’t overdo it of course lest you want your body to suffer big time. Additionally, you can always change and modify your goals. For example, instead of running laps around your neighborhood, going outside might actually help you because of a change in terrain; it’s all about spicing up things a little.

5.  Make a Plan and Adhere to It!

Some people make that costly mistake of just running for the sake of it. However, just a few succeed. For this reason, you’ll have to develop your own plan, your own schedule listing everything from your goals, the duration you’ll have to conquer in a day together with your meal plans. There are downloadable programs in the internet but you can always adopt your own. The reason behind a plan is to be able to monitor your progress and check yourself and your goals every now and then.

When you run to lose weight, you don’t have to worry about any expenses to be incurred on your end. Running is almost always absolutely free. So, what are you waiting for? Follow me on my blog  for more awesome tips that really help you to success in your weight loss goals. :)

Jee Ivan

Sherley Ivan is a mother of two boy who just loved gardening and crafting. Follow her on her blog at www.ways2diet.com and www.creativecraftcollection.com to get the latest health tips advice and her awesome Diy craft collections.

2 thoughts on “5 Golden Rules when Running to Lose Weight

  • August 4, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    Great article.  If that before/after pic is real, that’s more than amazing.  I’m assuming that was a joke?  Running rules.  

    • August 4, 2012 at 5:32 pm

      LeanGainsGuide I am thinking it is a joke too, lol. But great post. Has anyone tried running in the bare foot shoes? I run in my Vibrams a lot. 


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