5 Great Fitness Tips and Gifts for Your Father!

Father’s Day is a time to show all fathers how much they’re loved and appreciated. More important than showering dads with an array of gifts, however, is showing him how vital it is to maintain his good health. This means it’s likely that people will want to stay away from the traditional gifts of socks, shirts and ties and search for more creative ideas from which to choose.

Exercise and Diet are the Main Contributions to Long Life

When it comes to exercise and fitness, one of the simplest instructions is activity must be ritualized in a daily routine. The type and amount of activity will depend on the individual and it’s imperative that goals be set to develop a growing momentum within workout plans.

There’s much to be considered when setting up diet and exercise regimens, the first being whether or not a person is in the habit of being active or sedentary. Of course, those who exercise and eat properly are steps ahead of those who don’t but no matter what the status, most people will always need to be reminded at certain points in time about the importance of maintaining healthy diets and physical fitness.

I. Diet

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to establishing a healthy and exciting diet. The more varieties of food that are included, the better chance there’ll be of getting the nutrients needed. A healthy diet that should be adhered to consists of the following:

• Fruits and vegetables are the foundation for healthy eating. They can be eaten in unlimited amounts but three servings of each daily are recommended.

• Carbohydrates are the next most important food group. There are complex carbohydrates which are starches that are found in cereals, bread and pasta, and simple carbohydrates which are sugars that are found in jams, desserts and candy. Four to eight servings daily are recommended but the intake of simple carbohydrates should be limited.

• Protein and dairy products are next on the list and three to seven servings daily are recommended. However, limit the intake of meat to control cholesterol levels.

• It’s now common knowledge that fats are necessary but it’s the type of fats that makes the difference. Unsaturated fats should be chosen over saturated and Trans fat; however, even unsaturated fats should be eaten in moderation.

II. Exercise

The key to sustaining fitness routines is to combine several types of exercises; this will help to alleviate boredom and give the exerciser something to look forward to doing. It’s likely that many of the younger, more active dads will have already established an exercise routine that they follow faithfully on a regular basis. For all those who haven’t, including those older dads who have become more complacent about leading a life that’s minus sufficient activity, consider the following as a way back to a healthier state:

1. Start by walking 30 minutes a day, at least three days a week. Keeping in mind that building momentum is a major goal, begin to increase the time spent from 30 minutes to one hour, followed by introducing more days. Eventually, the walks can be turned into power walks, and the power walks can eventually be upgraded to jogging.

2. Treadmills are a terrific source for conducting regular exercises. However, to increase enthusiasm and anticipation, change the scenery by walking or jogging while exploring new territory in the neighborhood.

3. It’s understandable that it can be difficult drumming up the motivation to exercise. Try getting together with family members or friends and go for a hike or a swim. If this can’t be easily arranged, then set up a game of volleyball, handball or basketball. Remember, it’s not important that these exercises be played like the experts. All that matters is that the body gets a good workout and at the same time, everyone is enjoying the time spent together.

4. Music has an amazing way of pumping up the spirits. Dad could do a round of bicep curls with hand weights to the beat of his favorite music that could also include deep knee bends and lunges. Or, he could try doing these strength-training exercises during the commercial breaks of his favorite TV show.

5. A stair climber machine is another excellent way to exercise but going to a park and walking or running up and down a hill works just as well. If there aren’t any hills available, there are always stairs!

Gifts to Help Dad Stay in Shape

The following are a few gift suggestions that may help Dad along the way:

• Exercise videos can provide similar results for Dad as those achieved when participating in a gym or exercise class;

• Hand weights and dumbbells are great for building body strength;

• A new jogging suit will give Dad a sense of gratification as he tackles his daily run; and

• Miniature grills work just as well as larger grills when making delicious foods. Anticipating a great meal that he prepares will keep Dad on track with his diet.

With all the exercises and workout plans, people must be careful to always consider what works best for them. Above all, it’s best to ease into these programs in the beginning and if necessary, consult with the professionals to assist with setting up sensible routines.

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