5 Great Tips for Alleviating Lower Back Pain

If you have problems with your lower back, like me, you should definitely do something about it. Also, if you’re like me, you will probably wait until the pain gets unbearable and you’re unable to sit in any position without groaning, until you do something about it. My advice to you is: don’t wait that long. If I knew then what I know now, I’d change many of my eating and (not) exercising habits a long time ago. Still, there’s always time to change and become good to your body.

Here are 5 great ways to alleviate the lower back pain, and I embraced all of these wonderful methods of taking care of my body:

1. Morning exercise is the cornerstone of any healthy figure. The exercises I picked up from my physiotherapist and Youtube videos are mostly for the lower back and abdomen. They last for only 15-20 minutes and no one can say they don’t have time to do them. You can exercise while waiting for the bathroom to become available, for example. You do them lying on the floor and the most important part of this group of exercises is to stretch out your legs and spine as much as possible at the beginning and at the end of the series.

Most of these exercises are slow, pleasant, and all about stretching out the spine and strengthening the abdomen and lower back muscles. I can hardly spend one day without doing them. I don’t feel any pain in that part any more, but I do feel some sort of itching when I’m forced to skip them. My lower back craves them like an addict.

2. Dance away all the fat and stiffness from your body! In the evenings I don’t have that much time, but I try to visit my dance group at least once or twice a week. Dancing is so good for one’s figure and the general upbeat mood. My dance instructor takes us through a series of exercises for every part of the body before we start learning new dance moves, and these exercises are good for my back as well.

3. If you live in a place where they have a swimming pool for both adults and kids, that would be a perfect place to spend every Saturday morning. Kids can play around in their little pool, and you and your partner can take turns swimming and watching them. Swimming is probably the best sport for the back. It strengthens your arms and legs, elongates your spine, and empowers you.

4. Though it seems to me that walking is not very popular in our country, I try to walk wherever I can. There’s a nice little store 10 minutes away from my house, and I walk there whenever I need milk, bread, or anything that we run out of.

5. Every hour or hour-and-a-half take short breaks between work. Get up and slowly move your head from side to side, move your shoulders and hips in circles, lift one leg as much as possible, standing straight on the other leg, and keep your spine straight. Stretch your legs, your arms, and make movements that feel pleasant to your body.

Of course, it’s difficult to do all these things with so little time in our lives, especially if you haven’t done any recreation previously. But once you begin, you’ll see how exercise positively affects you, and you’ll be looking for more of that thing. If you also manage to eat healthy, you deserve a straight A for caring for your body.

Ana B.

Ana Brady is a happy mother, a lucky wife, a working girl with lots on her mind, and a fan of proper nutrition, healthy advice and green living. When she doesn't write about her number one topics, she works on her project on www.lablabels.com.

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