5 Hobbies to Keep Senior Citizens Engaged

While we’re above the age the American Government classifies us as “senior citizens”, most of us would never refer to ourselves as “elderly.”  What about another adjective–“seasoned” sounds better than “elderly.”  Nevertheless, we’ll admit that we’re not spring chickens any longer. Mental and physical health require special attention as you age.

However, old age is no time to stop activity or learning new things. In fact, studies have shown that staying engaged in challenging mental activities after retirement is essential to maintaining mental acuity.  Follow these examples for hobbies that increase your quality of life as you enjoy your golden years.

Logic Puzzles

Nothing feels more frustrating that forgetting the names of your loved ones. Exercise your mind when you complete mentally stimulating puzzles. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku or other memory games keep your mind sharp and fend off the mentally debilitating effects of old age.

Reading is also a fantastic tool to keep you sharp. Collect a diversity of materials, magazines, newspapers and books across all genres. Exploring new trends, adventures and streams of thought through reading is riveting but not physically taxing.

New Skills

Because you are never too old to learn, take adult education classes. Retirement is the perfect time to begin mastering the skills you never had time for previously. Learn a new hobby like carpentry, bird watching, insect identification, painting or pottery. In addition to sharpening your mental capacity, you also make like-minded friends. Depression can plague many seniors, and finding new friends is the perfect combatant.


Your family members lead busy lives, often too busy to even keep up with themselves. Stay connected to your loved ones and help them record important events by scrapbooking. Scrapbooking helps to stimulate your mental processes and build bridges between you and your family. This is certainly something that could fall under “new skills” but with scrapbooking you blend craft with memory recall and create a priceless item all at the same time. It’s no wonder this pastime is so popular with people who have more free time.


The extreme couponing craze is spreading across America. So there is no better time to jump on the bandwagon. Additionally, Most elderly people are no longer working. As a result, your income depends on the money you saved during younger years and living thriftily now. If you didn’t save enough money, you may feel the financial crunch and wonder how you’ll pay all your bills.

Couponing gives you a great tool to help ease financial stress. In the Sunday newspaper, find grocery, laundry and other local coupons. Couponing can also be fun. A lot of people love the hunt of a great deal.


Ease the aches of old age by exercising regularly. There are quite a few exercises that can benefit the body without straining it. The gentle movements of tai chi or yoga protect your bones, strengthen your muscles and promote good balance. Pool aerobics or ballroom dancing increase your lung capacity, strengthen your heart and improve circulation. Strengthen your body with productive exercise without straining your body.

In turn, regular exercise motivates you to eat better. Nutritious foods feed your body and your mind. Stay healthy inside and out with a healthy diet rich in whole grain, fiber and fresh produce.

[box type=”note”]There is a reason they are called the “golden years” and they can be made even better by maintain activity in your life. Turn your old age into a fun and enjoyable season of life when you make an effort to stay healthy and active.[/box]

Thomas Stone

Thomas Stone is health blogger at doseofmyown.com and he focuses primarily on the benefits of exercise and nutrition for health.

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  • October 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    I want to throw out that reading has helped me keep my focus in the last few years.


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