5 Medical Advances That Sound Too Good to Be True?

Whether you’re struggling with severe health problems or just looking for some quick and easy ways to maintain a healthy body, medical researchers are hard at work trying to discover breakthrough medical innovations that might just change your world. Here’s a sneak peak at some interesting findings from Popular Mechanics that highly skilled physicians may soon be able to use new and innovative treatment with their own patients.

Micrograph of collagen scaffold used to create artificial lymph nodes

1. Cancer-Fighting Nodes

The RIKEN Institute, located in Japan, has developed artificial lymph nodes which produce immune cells to fight infections. The hope is for physicians to eventually use these nodes as replacements for diseased nodes, or ones with cells geared to treat diseases such as cancer or HIV.

2. Say Goodbye to Tooth Decay

ON! BioPharma has created a new bacterial strain, called SMaRT, which prevents tooth decay; this is done by keeping the bacteria that live on teeth from producing lactic acid. Although it is still undergoing clinical trials at the moment, a single application of SMaRT will keep your teeth healthy for the rest of your life!

Richard B. Robinson, Ph.D from Columbia University – Artificial pacemaker researcher

3. Speed Up Your Heart

According to the American Heart Association, About 3 million people worldwide struggle with abnormal heart rhythms and a majority of them are over the age of 60. Researchers are now developing pacemaker genes, which are injected into damaged parts of the heart in order to bring it back to a normal rhythm. Hospitals that rank in the top 50 for geriatrics by US News, like IU Health, are likely to incorporate newer technologies such as the biological pacemaker sooner, as they tend to have access to innovative breakthrough technology.

4. Cancer Spit Test

A new device can actually determine whether someone has cancer, simply by testing a single drop of saliva. The proteins from the cancer cells that can be found in saliva react from mixing with dyes on a sensor, and a resulting fluorescent light is the indicator. Physicians will be able to save their patients’ time and money with this advancement.

5. Lose Weight Fast – Without an Eating Disorder

GI Dynamics in Massachusetts has developed a gastrointestinal liner which prevents food from making contact with the intestinal wall of your stomach; in turn, this prevents calories from being absorbed throughout the first two feet of the small intestine, which usually absorbs the most calories. The liner can easily be inserted endoscopically through the patient’s mouth. Innovative research-oriented establishments, such as Indiana University’s Department of Gastroenterology – consistently ranked in the top 50 units by US News – may be able to bypass the need for surgery, which can save patients a significant amount of money.



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