5 Natural Solutions That May Add Years to Your Life

Herbal remedies are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional medicine. There are numerous benefits to taking a more natural approach to your health. Herbal supplements can do everything from relieve stress, combat harmful symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, and generally make you feel better. But I bet you didn’t realize that natural medicine can actually lengthen your life! Here are five natural solutions that add years to your life, and here’s why they are so effective.


Agaricus mushroom is a perfect example of a natural remedy that has proven effectiveness. The mushroom is typically found in three countries worldwide: Japan, Brazil, and China. Agaricus mushroom (http://www.atlasworldusa.com/) has been used in traditional medicine for centuries for its healing and preventative properties. Regular use helps to prevent serious ailments such as heart problems and ulcers. The herb is also used to treat symptoms associated with life threatening illnesses like cancer and diabetes.

Agaricus bisporus


Flaxseed Oil

Chances are you’ve heard of flaxseed, but are you familiar with its benefits? There are a number of benefits to integrating flaxseed into your diet. It helps improve your heart health and is used to lessen the symptoms of numerous serious health conditions. When used regularly, flaxseed oil is a godsend for arthritis sufferers. It decreases the body’s inflammation response, and helps ease the pain of serious arthritis. Research also suggests that if taken regularly in oil form, the herb lowers your risk of developing heart problems.


This particular natural supplement has the potential to have a huge impact on thousands of lives. Coriolus mushroom actually has cancer fighting properties, and medical professionals are beginning to integrate it and other cancer-fighting natural alternatives into the treatment plans of many cancer patients. The mushroom is rich in polysaccharide-k (PSK), a chemical that helps combat cancer, improve immunity, and lessen the discomfort of chemotherapy.


Heart disease claims tens of thousands of lives every year. If you are genetically predisposed to heart related conditions, adding magnesium to your diet may help lessen your risk. Research indicates that regular use of magnesium helps users maintain their blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and improves blood flow through the heart. If you are concerned that heart disease runs in your family, talk to your doctor about integrating a magnesium supplement as a preventative measure.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a natural remedy that is popular with herbalists because it is highly effective. Typically found in the Mediterranean area of Europe, the herb is primarily used to treat liver diseases. It can actually help to repair a damaged liver, and improve the organ’s overall function. If you feel you are high risk for potential chemically induced liver damage, consider adding a milk thistle supplement to your diet today.

Herbal medicine is a healthy and effective alternative to traditional medicine. If you are interested in preventing or treating the symptoms of serious illness, consider natural solutions. Certain supplements can help prevent life threatening illnesses. Explore natural medicine today. Chances are you will feel better and add years to your life!

Jennifer Klaus

Jennifer Klaus is a freelance writer covering health trends and advances in alternative medicine. She’s especially interested in herbalism and acupuncture.

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