5 Natural Ways To Help Clear Acne

Acne is a skin condition that nearly everyone will have at some-point, most during their teenage years. Because of this the “acne industry” has exploded, with new products that claim to be the next MIRACLE cure being introduced to the market all the time. If you have suffered from acne for any amount of time you will know that most of what these companies claim is all marketing hype, and the truth is natural treatments can work just as good, if not better than any man-made product that is being sold as the next big thing.

Below is a list of 5 natural ways you can help to clear your acne naturally, safely without the risk of all the side effects that these over the counter acne products hide.

Drink 6-8 Glasses Of Water Per Day

We all know water is essential, but how many can say they drink this amount of water per day, not many right? But I can guarantee that the ones who can say yes on the most part will have amazing skin. Not only does water help flush the insides of toxins, but it has many other benefits to such as keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized.

Blue Light Therapy For Acne

You may have heard of this already, but for anyone who has not, blue light therapy is a natural acne treatment that simply uses a Blue LED light to kill P.acne bacteria. You can get this done professionally and will cost $1000s. Or you can get home devices such as the Baby Quasar or ANSR Beam as a cheaper option that you can use in your own home.

Reduce Stress

If you can reduce stress you will be doing yourself a whole lot of good. Not only does stress cause headaches, but also puts the whole body out of balance, including the hormones which can then lead to aggravated acne and future breakouts. A good way to reduce stress is to practise yoga or meditation, both amazing for this.

Find A Hobby That Will Keep You Fit

On almost every site you visit they will tell you that you need to exercise daily or go to the gym if you want to get fit and clear acne naturally, but the truth is this is very difficult to maintain, and is not necessary. I would advise that you find an activity that will keep you fit that you also enjoy doing and want to do it, rather than feel as if you have to do it.

If Your Green On The Inside Your Clean On The Inside

This is a saying that I love because to an extent its true, if you want your body to be clean and healthy, which intern means a clean and clear skin, you need to consume your greens daily. I would recommend trying to drink 1 green smoothie or juice per day filled with a mixture of greens, and make sure to rotate every few days. The health benefits you will receive from doing this will be huge due to the high amounts of vitamins and minerals.

R.J Thomas

R.J Thomas is a health researcher, blogger and has a blog called AddictedSkincare were he shares his and close family members health problems and solutions to these problems to help others.

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