5 Obesity Related Diseases You Should be Aware Of

Obesity is a major problem and it will lead to a lot of complications if you don’t do something about it right away. What is obesity and what is the difference between being obese and being fat? Obesity is a condition when your body accumulates monstrous amounts of excess fat. It could be a hormonal problem.

When somebody calls you fat, it is a relative term. If you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 40 then you are considered morbidly obese; you are overweight when you have a BMI of more than 29 and you are fat when you are somewhere between these two figures. Sometimes it is next to impossible to shed that excess fat/weight and you will need surgeries to get you back to normal looking.

However, go through some of the serious illnesses that might result from obesity.


Also called degenerative arthritis, it is a painful disease that will strike your joints and bones. Eventually there will be cartilage loss and you will feel immense pain even for the smallest actions. The cushioning in the bones of the joints is lost and over the years your condition will deteriorate. Obesity will lead to osteoarthritis because your joints will be overloaded and this increases the friction between the bones in the joints. It wears out the cartilage.

Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is another chronic condition resulting from obesity. When you have this condition your body will not be able to make use of insulin and hence the sugar level in the blood increases. This causes hyperglycemia and with it you will feel fatigue, increased sense of thirst, hunger and bladder problems. When you are obese your body will not be able to make proper use of insulin.

Gynaecological problems

If you are obese then you are likely to have gynaecological problems. Your menses will be irregular and you will have fertility problems. Conceiving a child is next to impossible when you have gynaecological issues and even if you conceive, the child might not survive because the mother’s blood levels will go overboard. Or you might give birth to a defective child.

Sky high cholesterol levels

Obesity will shoot your cholesterol levels and that will lead to a series of other health conditions. Your liver will become enlarged because of the fat deposits in it.

Decreased HDL levels will lead to heart attacks. The relative proportion of HDL and LDL will go out-of-bounds. So increase your HDL and decrease your LDL levels by exercising regularly.


Obese people are more inclined to have cancer of the uterus, breast, ovaries, gall bladder, pancreas and colon. Researches have proved obese people are likely to have more cancerous cells in their body.

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