5 Things You Aren’t Using Olive Oil For… But Should Be!

We all know olive oil to be a simple ingredient which is used in kitchens every day all around the world. But are you aware of the health benefits that come along with this versatile product. It is common knowledge that olive oil is the best option and the healthiest oil when it comes to cooking; it contains no cholesterol and includes vitamins to help fight the battle against aging.

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil contains a healthy form of fat known as monounsaturated fatty acids, this particular fat helps to lower cholesterol, maintain normal levels of blood clotting, and regulate levels of insulin and blood sugar. Olive oil has the ability to break down essential nutrients from the food we consume that our body is not able to naturally absorb.

Because of the process of extraction of olive oil all impurities are able to be filtered out therefore leaving us with a substance which is completely pure and rich in natural and healthy components.

[box type=”important”]In this article, I reveal 5 different ways you should be using olive oil to improve your health and how this miracle oil can benefit and transform your body.[/box]

Olive Oil For Hair

There are many benefits you can experience from using olive oil for your hair. It can help treat dull and dry hair by maintaining balance and restoring its natural moisture and shine. The omega 3 fatty acids will nourish the hair helping to repair damage and split ends. The nutrients contained in olive oil will help to strengthen the hair therefore preventing breakage which can result in hair loss. By massaging the scalp using olive oil it will increase the circulation and stimulate hair follicles to promote new hair growth.

Olive Oil For Skin

Olive oil is a natural source of nutrients containing none of the artificial ingredients or chemicals that we come across every day when using regular skin care products. Olive oil contains a moisturizing property known as squalene that has the ability to regulate the production of sebum, which is the primary cause of oily and greasy skin. Olive oil is able to penetrate the skin very easily and therefore is very effective in softening and rehydrating, it helps to lock in the moisture naturally found in the skin. Therefore by using olive oil on the skin you can improve its overall condition.

Olive Oil For Removing Stretch Marks

We have learnt that olive oil contains vitamin E, antioxidants, and Omega 3 oils which all help to support the skin and help to repair and rejuvenate the skin cells. This helps to minimize stretch marks that already exist by softening the skin and improving the texture. Another beneficial component is the chlorophyll found in olive oil, this nutrient has proven to be very effective for healing flesh wounds and minimizing various forms of scarring. Therefore by applying olive oil directly onto the skin you will be able to reduce the appearance and also prevent more stretch marks from forming.

Olive Oil For Removing Ear Wax

Olive oil is a very effective way to remove ear wax; it is a gentle form of lubrication and does not require the use of syringes. Warmed olive oil helps to soften and dissolve wax build up allowing for it to be easily removed. Olive oil based drops are a popular choice which allow for ease of delivery and prevent damage to the ear.

Olive Oil For Wrinkles

Olive oil contains high levels of vitamin E and antioxidants which have the ability to alter the structure of our cells and help to repair them. These nutrients remove free radicals from our body which ultimately helps to defy the effects of aging and keep our skin looking younger for longer. Vitamin E also protects skin against harmful environmental factors such as the sun and therefore reducing the potential damage.

[box type=”note”]If your skin is lacking in fatty acids it can result in dry skin and the formation of wrinkles, because of the omega 3 found in olive oil it provides a layer of protection that helps contain the water and prevent it from evaporating. Olive oil provides all the necessary nutrients to ensure your skin stays healthy and free from wrinkles.[/box]


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  • August 6, 2011 at 2:26 am

    Indeed Virgin coconut oil is proven effective in maintaining our health. Since olive oil is scarce in my country there is however an alternative oil called virgin coconut oil. It is also proven to maintain good health and been used to alot of commercial products in the market.

  • June 14, 2011 at 3:57 am

    I know olive oil is good for health. But olive oil is so expensive.


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