5 Points To Keep In Mind Before Cosmetic Surgery

Magic Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? So asks the evil queen in the fairy tale Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. But the obsession with looks is not limited to fairy tales as millions over the globe find their looks unpleasant. The evil queen could not opt for corrective measures; but modern medicine can offer a solution to people aspiring better looks to boost their self-image/confidence.

Before delving into the intricacies of cosmetic surgery it is better to research on the subject and be prepared for the changes.


Few points to consider before going under the knife:

  1. Doctor’s Qualification and Testimonials – Cosmetic surgery should be ideally done by qualified surgeons. Check whether the doctor has previous experience in performing surgery and whether his/her qualifications are authentic. Beware of quack surgeons who are into cosmetic surgery for the big bucks. To ensure that you do not fall prey to quacks, ask for testimonials of his/her previous patients. A doctor who is qualified and knows his/her job well will always strive to clear your doubts and will not hesitate in providing the necessary information. Verify the place where the actual surgery will be performed and under what circumstances. Ideally a surgery should be performed either at the surgeon’s clinic or in a hospice/facility that has a license to do so. Cross check the credentials and let the surgeon know of your fears or allergies etc, in advance.
  2. Examine The Cause – Cosmetic surgery is a big step in a person’s life. Examine minutely the reasons behind going under the knife. Are you unhappy with your appearance as it is interfering with your social life? Is it because one of your close friends opted for it and is feeling great? Is it due to peer pressure? Is it going to improve your self-esteem?
  3. Match Your Expectations – Examining the reasons for surgery will provide insight into what you will gain ultimately. Cosmetic surgery improves upon imperfections of the body. What it does not do is make you the most cool or popular person, it does not address your deep-rooted insecurities or psychological issues. It also does not make your relationships better or stronger. A cosmetic enhancement might boost your confidence or make you feel better, but only as much. Beyond a point looks do not matter as much as a positive attitude does!
  4. Recuperation – Verify with the surgeon how long will it take to recuperate from the surgery and the post surgery dos and don’ts. Some surgery scars take only a few days to settle down, while the post recovery period for complicated ones is spread over a longer duration. Then there are some surgeries which require multiple surgical procedures. Count for support from family and friends before, during and after a cosmetic surgery.
  5. Overall Expenditure – Cosmetic surgeries are really expensive. If you have the required resources, then only opt for surgery. There are times when simple lifestyle related changes provide better results in certain cases. If that is the case avoid going under the knife.

Moreover, cosmetic surgeries and enhancements do not fall under the purview of insurance. There are no schemes that support the funding of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeries are helpful in cases where the patient has a genuine deformity. By surgical intervention if they can be removed or changed and the end result would be not only great looks but also a boost in self-confidence, then it is worth all the money spent.

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