5 Reasons to Take up Cycling

Cycling is quickly becoming a popular sport in the UK.    Many people mistakenly believe that the sport is just for those who race and compete in tours.  However, cycling is a recreational sport that is fun for people of all ages.  You will find many benefits from cycling; therefore, here are fivereasons to take up the sport of cycling.

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It’s Good for Your Health

Cycling is beneficial for the heart, so the sport can reduce the risk of heart disease.  You are also less likely to suffer from high blood pressure or develop diabetes.  The sport also strengthens leg muscles, so you will notice an improvement in the mobility of your hip and knee joints.  If you are overweight, cycling is a great way to shed some pounds, which will improve your overall health.

It’s Great Cardio!

If you are exercising regularly, you will feel better.  Most people today are under a significant amount of stress at the workplace or at home.  Cyclingcan help take your mind off of your problems.  You can spend some time thinking, and you will return after your ride with a new outlook on life.  Cycling is a form of exercise that is inexpensive.  All you need is a bicycle and some time.  No matter how fast or slow you go, you will get a good cardiovascular workout.  Faster biking will help elevate your heart rate.

You View some Beautiful Scenery

You can travel to anywhere you wish, and see the wonder of nature.  The UK is home to some of the most impressive landscape in the world; therefore, cycling provides an opportunity to explore villages, valleys, cities and streams.  You can ride in forests or in the mountains.  You probably will even have the opportunity to stop along the way for a picnic.  While cycling, don’t forget to bring a camera along because you will encounter things that are too incredible not to photograph.

It Is Better for the Environment

Pollution and other environmental factors have damaged the earth.  Cycling does not produce exhaust or fumes that damage the ozone layer.  Air pollutants can be harmful to your lungs and respiratory system, which could lead to asthma, emphysema or pneumonia.  Cycling is a great form of transportation that does not release harmful toxins into the air.

It Saves Money

With the rising gas prices, everyone is looking to save money.  You will not have to pay for gas, which means more money in your pocket.  In addition, you can purchase a bike for less than £200, and a car cost at least £6000.  By riding a bike instead of driving to work, you can save hundreds of pounds each year.  Make sure you purchase a helmet, so you will be safe on the road.

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