5 Signs of Unhealthy Attitudes Towards Relationships

If you are single and looking for love, recently dumped or just generally frustrated with the whole dating thing you might well have wondered at some point “is it me?” Well there is no easy way for me to answer that, but fortunately, you can probably answer for yourself.

[box type=”note”]Here’s 5 things to consider which could indicate that your attitude and general outlook on dating is either good or bad – or somewhere in between maybe. See how you measure up:[/box]


When you like a man/woman how does that make you act? Particularly if they don’t like you back. It is a situation most people will have been in at some point. Do you let them know your feelings and then move on if not reciprocated? Or do you dwell on it and obsess over your crushee?

A healthy attitude will help you to realise that whilst you might well like this person, no relationship has happened and if it is not reciprocated it isn’t meant to be. It is perfectly normal to be knocked back, but if you find this is getting you down or is on your mind constantly you may be getting obsessive.


How do you act around members of the opposite gender? Particularly ones who you find attractive? Are you talkative, do you flirt a little? Or do you go quiet and act passive?

Of course being a major flirt and showing too much confidence with every potential partner you find is not a good thing, but flirting is natural and if you often struggle to even talk to people you like you may lack confidence or perhaps have some fear of rejection. This is common, but it is also something that you should work on if you suffer badly.


What are you looking for in a relationship? Does the idea of finding someone to settle down with, get married, have kids etc fill you with joy or terror? Be honest with yourself; it is actually very easy to deny that you have commitment issues, but if you do you might well unknowingly sabotage your own relationships.


Being single when all you really want is to be in a relationship is no fun at all, and those periods where you just can’t seem to find the right person can be frustrating. The question is, how do you react when this happens?

If you have been knocked back a few times or if it has been a while it is all too easy to start thinking that it will never happen, this quickly leads to apathy and you might well just stop trying. This is understandable of course, but if you find yourself often thinking “What’s the point” you might need to reassess your attitude and try to start being more positive and proactive. It’s not always easy to do, but with a positive attitude and a willingness to put yourself out there you can find someone special.


This is a simple one, but you might not quite realise you are doing it unless you look hard. I am not about to suggest for a moment that you should get into a relationship with someone you just don’t feel that way about, but if you are forever looking for perfection and love at first sight, you could be doomed to being single.

Finding your perfect man, or wooing your perfect women takes work; love takes time and it all starts with a little flirting, a kiss and a lot of getting to know one another.


Alex is a positive romantic who believes in living life in the best way possible - He likes to work hard on his health, career and relationships and be the best he can be.

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