5 Simple Steps to Creating a Family Health Plan

4. Involve Your Family

Include the whole family in your plan. Once you have your plan written down, walk your family through what the plan is. Enlist everyone in keeping your whole family on target. If you have children, even younger children, you will be surprised how quickly they become the health police, keeping you on target. For some families I will even suggest making a game out of sticking to a nutritional or exercise plan by creating a chart for the family and awarding a weekly winner for the family member who adheres best to the plan. By creating a team dynamic around your plan, you will find you all have a better shot of sticking with it.

Bill Paquin

Bill Paquin is a patient care advocate and CEO of healthcare publisher Vertical Health. He operates websites including SpineUniverse, a leader in providing education about conditions of the spine, including osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, and arthritis. Bill is a husband, father and writer who is passionate about and supports the creative destruction of our current healthcare system.

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