5 Top Tips To Maintain Clear Skin

If you have clear skin it is still extremely important that you take the necessary steps to maintain it, because if you do not one day you may no longer have beautiful clear skin. Below I have listed my top tips which I follow and stick to that have helped me reduce breakouts and keep my skin clear. Even if you do not have clear skin these tips are still very important, maybe even more important for you.

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Tip 1 – Do Not Touch Your Face

The only time you should be touching your face is to wash it, otherwise you are just spreading bacteria, oil and dirt that has built up on your hands which can block pores and lead to breakouts. If you are finding it difficult to stop touching your face due to habit a good tip is every time you feel an urge do something else instead.

Tip 2 – Eat And Drink Your Greens

There is a lot of rage over diet these days, but for many a massive change in diet is to difficult and in most cases not necessary. If you are not ready or don’t want to change anything in your diet then just add greens, if you add greens you will see a big improvement in your heath and skin over time. If you then want to take it to the next level add in green juice. By juicing the greens you will make it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients for maximum benefits.

Tip 3 – Change Your Pillow Case Often

Making sure you change your pillow case every few days is important to avoid breakouts. The reason for this is because any oil, dirt and other impurities that have built up on your hair and face over the day is transferred on the pillow case. If the pillow case is not then changed often it can clog up the pores. If you are short on clean pillow cases what I do is use a clean towel and put if over the pillow instead.

Tip 4 – Use Skin Care Devices

Skin care devices are not necessary but they will massively help to make your skin look vibrant, clean and glowing. Popular skin care devices including the Clarisonic Mia, Baby Quasar and ANSR Beam.

Tip 5 – Drink 6-8 Cups Of Water Per Day

You have most likely heard this over and over again, however the reason I am going to mention it again is because it is one of the most important things you can do if you want to maintain clear skin. Not ony does water help to remove toxins and flush the system but it also hydrates the skin and much more.

R.J Thomas

R.J Thomas is a health researcher, blogger and has a blog called AddictedSkincare were he shares his and close family members health problems and solutions to these problems to help others.

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