5 Ways Addictive Things Can Sneak Into Your Healthy Lifestyle

Addiction, whether it’s to substances or harmful activities, is not something that pops up suddenly. Addictive behaviors develop over a long period of time, often years. During this time, the person becoming addicted may not even realize that they are falling under a destructive spell. We’ve listed five ways addicting things can make their way into your otherwise healthy lifestyle. You can read more here.

I’ll Give It A Try

Nobody begins a habit with the intention of becoming addicted. We start doing things for a variety of reasons, but it’s usually because we just want to give something a chance. Unfortunately, we never know the kind of effect a substance will have on us before we try it. Just trying something for the first time can be the first step in a long path towards a dangerous addiction. Not everyone will become an addict from trying something once, but the risk is always there.


Just This Once

“Just one more time” is something every addict has heard themselves say at least once. Of course, saying that you’re going to partake in an addictive substance just once more before quitting is a lie, but we say it anyway. Just once is a way for our brains to recognize we have a problem without actually doing anything about it.

False Moderation

Using substances in moderation is something many people can get away with, but addicts often use moderation as an excuse to use in excess. It starts by saying that we’ll only have a drink or use on weekends, but our use quickly spreads beyond these limits. Only weekends turn into every other day, and every other day turns into every night.

Excuses And More Excuses

People often allow themselves to partake in addictive behavior as a reward for good news or relief from bad circumstances. Of course, the same behavior can’t possibly be the right choice for completely opposite scenarios, but addictive behavior always finds clever ways of introducing itself into our lives. Using substances as a way to cope or as a sole source of pleasure can easily lead to addictive behaviors.

The Wrong Friends

People who are addicted to substances often associate with other people who also use. This is because many users think and act the same way in their addictive behavior. It can be hard, or impossible for some, to be around addicts without falling into an addiction themselves. If you find yourself falling into substance abuse because of the people you hang around with, it might be time to reevaluate your friendships.

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