5 Winning Strategies for Getting into Shape

If you want to get into shape, consider developing winning strategies to reach your goal. Most people know that they should work out but do not know the proper technique for working out. These strategies are essential for getting into shape and preventing injuries. Integrate these strategies into your work out regimen:


1. Warm Up With Stretches Before the Workout

Stretching exercises are recommended before each workout. This means that you must warm up before you lift. When you engage in stretches before and after lifting, you reduce the risk of injury and you ensure that your body’s muscles are balanced. Yoga is recommended. Light cardio is recommended, and light weights are recommended.

If you decide to do warm up with light weights, you should limit the exercise to 12 repetitions. The weight should be much lighter than the weight intended for exercise. Increase the weight after the warm up.

At the end of the exercise, please take five to 10 minutes to perform some light aerobic exercise. This activity brings the exercises down to normal. Stretching lowers the blood pressure, increases blood flow to the area, decrease muscle soreness and muscular tension.

2. Breathe Properly For the Best Workouts

Breathe when exercising to decrease fatigue. If you hold your breath during exercise, your blood pressure may rise higher. While breathing and exercising, you should avoid short and jerky movements. You should also move through a full range of motion to maximize the work out. Breathing can help you move through the full range of the workout.

3. Work Out The Large Muscles First

When you begin exercising, you should always work the larger muscles first. You can work out the chest, quadriceps and the gluteus maximus. These muscles should be worked out before their calves, shoulders and arms.

4. Work Out Each Muscle Group Three Times Per Week

Work out each muscle three times per week. For instance, if you work out your legs, you should consider working them out on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. When you work out different muscles at different times each week, you give your body time to rest between sets. This helps the muscles to develop in a balanced way. Balanced muscles prevent injuries and strain. Consider when and how often you workout.

5. Rest Between Workouts

Everyone needs rest between workouts. Experts suggest between 36 to 48 hours of recuperation time. Working out every muscle every day will result in cause overtraining. Resting helps muscles develop more evenly. You can work out more effectively when you get rest. If the lactic acid builds up, the workout will not be as effective. Consider resting between workouts for maximum results.

Develop Your Winning Strategies to Get Into Shape

When you develop your winning strategies to get into shape, you will become fitter. Fitness is what everyone needs to prevent chronic illness and to maintain youthfulness.

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