6 Fitness and Weight Loss Tips We Should Borrow from French Women

Known throughout the world for their natural beauty and tendency towards slimness, there can be no denying that French women are some of the most beautiful and glamorous in the world, and they’ve got tips and tricks to share that we should all pay attention to!

Even if you’ve never set foot upon French soil, you can take advantage of French innovation where healthy living is concerned.

Here are six fitness and weight loss tips that we should borrow from French women:

1. Dance the Night Away

Common to all of us, but loved particularly by French women, the act of simple, graceful dancing is a fantastic way to exercise without even knowing it, allowing the fun and excitement of the dance floor to be your guide! Besides burning calories – up to 400 of them per hour with more energy-intensive routines – you’ll also be relaxing yourself, relieving stress, and making new friends, all things that promise to help you to build and maintain a healthier body and attitude, today and into the future.

2. Visit a Spa

Women in France, and around Europe, are known for their indulgence in spa treatments, particularly thalassotherapy spas. These spas, developed by the French themselves, focus on treating the body with seawater, revitalizing skin and general health through the use of sea-based minerals like magnesium, potassium, and sodium. While not aiding in weight loss or increased fitness in and of itself, feeling relaxed and healthy is sure to help you to feel more energetic, leading quite naturally to more physical activity.

If paying a visit to France in order to investigate thalassotherapy isn’t an option, you’ll not find a better guide to the innate beauty that the country has to offer than FranceMagazine.com, and their articles are a great start in getting to know the fitness secrets of French women, spa treatments included!


3. Limit Your Alcohol Intake

While we often indulge in alcoholic beverages to an extreme level, French women are better known for their glasses of wine and their flutes of champagne than their beer and spirits, and this allows them to have the same amount of fun with a much lower caloric intake.

4. Cook at Home

Unlike in North America, French people tend to avoid fattening fast food and processed goodies in general, preferring instead to cook healthy, low-fat meals at home. Given that the French tend to view eating as a communal act with friends and family, this helps to keep snacking to a minimum, even while giving you everything that your body needs to excel in only two or three meals per day.


5. Get Personal with Your Food

Continuing with our theme of healthy, natural eating, it’s worth noting that French people in general tend to be very familiar with the foods that they eat, getting to know each ingredient in a personal enough way that its effect on the body, both noticeable and scientific, is well-known before it ever hits a plate.

This fact highlights the growing disconnect that we have with the foods we eat in North America, leading to a population of uneducated eaters who often couldn’t diet well if they tried, if only because they are not on personal terms with their food.

No matter what you eat or when you eat it, be sure that you know exactly what it is, allowing you to make absolutely informed decisions each and every time something passes your lips.

6. Parkour, Anyone?

Parkour is a simple sport that sees participants run along pre-planned routes, typically in an urban setting, using only their body to avoid and clear natural obstacles. Not everyone in France takes part, of course, but it is a French creation and its popularity is quickly growing, especially among young women.

The trick to performing useful parkour is not to mimic what you may have seen in videos, but rather to set a pace that works for you and your abilities, allowing the fun and natural exercise to lead to more strenuous leaping, bounding, running, and vaulting, all in the name of a fitter, healthier body.


I'm Ann and I adore traveling, skiing and happy smiling people. That’s why I'm passionate about health, fitness and self-improvement. I think managing these things will help people achieve happiness. Nowadays I'm writing for a blog about losing weight with herbs .

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  • March 30, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    Good tips. Dancing the night away would definitely burn a bunch of calories while having fun :)


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